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Positive Conditioning

Following are some coaching concepts that make positive conditioning work:

  1. Take things that are essential for team success (conditioning) and find a way to make them important to the athletes.
  2. Find a way to take things that are not inherently fun and make them enjoyable.
  3. Stop using running as punishment (fear-based coaches should not try to use Positive Conditioning).
  4. Praise – what you want more of.
  5. Reward things that are in their control (athlete-owned behaviors) – attitude and effort.
  6. If you want great work habits, reward great effort.
  7. Save the word "great" for truly great effort.
  8. Use verbal praise with their name and action attached.
  9. Conditioning is a privilege and should be a source of individual and team pride.
  10. Reward your best workers instead of punishing your poor workers.
  11. Get the focus off themselves and their own discomfort and keep their focus on not letting their teammates down.
  12. Winners run.

This information was provided by Scott Rosberg, a member of the Proactive Coaching speaking team.



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