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Caring 4 Concussions Launches Concussion Education Resource Site

By NFHS on September 08, 2016 state news Print

As football season kicks off for young athletes across the country, Caring 4 Concussions is launching a first-of-its-kind website. Caring4concussions.org provides a comprehensive, unbiased collection of information on brain injury research and protocol.

The website’s mission is simple: reduce the number of concussion-related injuries through awareness and education. Caring 4 Concussions centralizes credible information, aggregating useful resources, research and tools on its website to create a one-stop shop for parents, coaches and athletic trainers.

“While a variety of concussion-focused resource organizations already exist, ensuring accurate information is accessible to the general public has proven challenging,” said Christian Reed, founder of Caring 4 Concussions. “Often, student athletes and their families aren’t aware of the great resources that exist or don’t know where to go for information about concussions. Our mission is to collect as much information as possible in one place and make sure every parent, school and organization can easily find and readily use the tools and resources available to diagnose and treat concussions.”

Caring4concussions.org connects the dots to help parents, coaches, athletic trainers and school and league administrators develop useful tools to better protect young athletes from injury and assist with the rehabilitation.

Caring 4 Concussions partners with leading nonprofits and businesses in the sports safety industry including the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), Youth Sports Safety Alliance (YSSA), the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) and ImPACT to provide the resources and information necessary to help schools and organizations implement concussion management programs that best meet their needs.

“Our personnel and partners truly set us apart from other organizations and sites dedicated to concussions,” said Reed. “We are extremely excited to combine our resources to promote the safety of young student athletes across the country. We have assembled a team of leading businesses and industry experts who allow us to provide unbiased, comprehensive information about concussion awareness and treatment to the masses.”

Ultimately, Caring 4 Concussions hopes to raise donations to support concussion research with groups like The Matthew Gfeller Sport-Related TBI Research Center at UNC Chapel Hill, a Caring 4 Concussions partner focused on the prevention, evaluation, management and rehabilitation of sport-related traumatic brain injuries.

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