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Officials Video Library Adds Several Volleyball Videos

By NFHS on August 25, 2016 officials Print

The NFHS officials video library is expanding. Located on the Central Hub at nfhs.arbitersports.com, several new instructional videos for volleyball officials have been added to the ever-expanding library.

The video library is designed to give officials real-life examples of how to call certain plays and violations. Using actual game video, the volleyball videos explain such situations as net play, substitution and libero replacement, as well as second referee responsibilities, among others. The Central Hub is available to NFHS Officials Association members.

Ranging in length from 30 seconds to a 28-minute tutorial on scoresheets, the 21 volleyball videos represent a fraction of the videos available across all sports in the Central Hub.

Visit nfhs.arbitersports.com or nfhs.org/NFHS-for-you/officials to become an officials member.