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Oklahoma's Vernon Turner Breaks NFHS High Jump Record

By Scott Wright/The Oklahoman on April 19, 2017 state news Print

From the Oklahoman:

There are only a few high jump records still out there for Vernon Turner to pursue.

He got one of them on Friday.

The Yukon senior jumped 7 feet, 6 inches on his home track at the Yukon Classic to not only break his own state record by an inch, but also set the new National Federation of State High School Associations mark. (Note: pending state association approval)

The previous NFHS record was 7-5 3/4, held by James White of Grandview, Mo., since 2009.

Only two athletes at the US junior level have ever jumped higher than 7-6, according to the all-time list at trackandfieldnews.com.

For the 2017 season, Turner’s 7-6 jump ranks third among US males, regardless of age.

This was the fourth time that Turner, who has signed with Oklahoma, has broken the state record.