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NFHS October 2011 Extemp Topics



October 2011 


Easier Topics 


  1. Who is the Tea Party’s favorite Republican presidential candidate? 


  1. Can President Obama get his jobs legislation passed? 


  1. Is America entering a double-dip recession? 


  1. Can a third party candidate mount a serious challenge in the 2012 presidential race? 


  1. Should Democrats consider an alternative nominee for President in 2012? 


  1. Will same-sex marriage be a significant issue in 2012 elections? 


  1. Are Americans becoming less supportive of capital punishment? 


  1. Can American businesses afford to create new jobs in the current economy? 


  1. Should the federal government be responsible for the cost of natural disaster relief? 


  1. Has President Obama lost the support of Jewish-Americans? 


  1. Should K-12 schools increase the use of online learning? 


  1. Should Casey Anthony have to reimburse the state for the cost of her trial? 


  1. Is healthcare reform succeeding at meeting its objectives? 


More Difficult Topics  


  1. Can Congress’ debt-limiting “Super Committee” succeed in fulfilling its charge? 


  1. Can Rick Perry’s surge in the polls be maintained? 


  1. Which party is most succeeding at courting Hispanic voters? 


  1. What do Republican victories in September special elections signal for Democratic prospects in 2012? 


  1. Will Republican voters backlash over Rick Perry’s executive order requiring teenage girls to take the HPV vaccine? 


  1. Is General Motors making too many concessions to the United Auto Workers? 


  1. Can the federal government tackle its debt problems without reforming Social Security and Medicare? 


  1. Does President Obama have a good record on environmental issues? 


  1. How will new restrictions on teacher’s collective bargaining rights in several states impact the ability of schools to recruit good teachers? 


  1. Will Windows 8 revive the popularity of PCs? 


  1. Is America providing enough security at its overseas embassies? 


  1. Will the new Patent bill help encourage research and development by American businesses? 





Easier Topics  


  1. Can the National Transitional Council create a democracy in Libya? 


  1. Was it wise for the Palestinian government to seek UN membership? 


  1. Has Pakistan become an unreliable ally? 


  1. Will Egypt continue to abide by the Camp David Accords with Israel? 


  1. Should Serbia be an official candidate for EU membership? 


  1. Is open conflict between China and Taiwan becoming less likely? 


  1. Has South Sudan’s separation from the north been a successful one? 


  1. What should the world community do to combat the famine in the Horn of Africa? 


  1. Should Saudi Arabia block the return to Yemen of President Saleh? 


  1. Is it time for the United States to withdraw from Afghanistan? 


  1. Has Bolivia met its obligations in supporting the international drug war? 


  1. Has Japan recovered from the impact of the 2011 Tsunami? 


  1. Have efforts to negotiate with the Taliban achieved any success? 


More Difficult Topics  


  1. Can Hugo Chavez maintain his grip on power in Venezuela while fighting cancer? 


  1. Is Turkey a good model for emerging revolutionary governments in the Arab world? 


  1. What steps should be taken to stabilize the Eurozone? 


  1. Will Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Najib Razak, succeed in implementing his radical reforms to the Malaysian political system? 


  1. What steps should the Indian government take to curtail corruption by government officials? 


  1. Is Cuba making self-employment by its citizens easier? 


  1. Given recent discoveries of oil in the waters surrounding Cuba, is it time for the United States to reconsider its trade embargo on the country? 


  1. Should the United States actively support groups trying to overthrow the Syrian government? 


  1. Is South Africa making a positive or negative contribution to the stability of the rest of Africa? 


  1. What can be done to improve the economic stability of the Palestinian territories? 


  1. Is the far right becoming a dominant force in European politics? 


  1. Should the world fear Russia’s efforts to make territorial claims over resources in the Arctic? 



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