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2012 National Coaching Conference

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The 2012 National Coaching Conference was held June 19-21, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  

2012 National Coaching Conference Photos 

NCC Reception and USOC Coach of the Year Award Photos 


The following links contain the presentation material from the conference: 


Tuesday 19, 2012 Presentations: 

Developing Amazing Leaders 

Developing Momentum for Promoting Coach Education Options 

Making Youth Sports Accessible to all Athletes Through Universal Design for Learning 

Noting the Great Game 

The Development Road to Competition 

The Not-so-obvious Tools Coaches Might be Missing 


Wednesday 20, 2012 Presentations:

3 v. 3 as the Optimal Pathway for the Development of Youth Basketball Players 

Burnout and Dropout – Reasons for it and How to Prevent it 

Closing the Certification Gap – Track and Field 

Credible Coaches Create Confident Competitors 

Developing the Competitive Environment 

Developing the Newest Olympic Sport 

Ethical Decision-making in Coaching Education 

Helmet-free Tackle 

The Case for Cultivating Intrinsic Motivation – Putting the FUN Back in Youth Sports 

The U.S. Sports Development System 

Using Coaching Education to Help Save Intercollegiate Olympic Sports NWCA 

Utilizing the Concept of Mechanical Specificity in Programming for Sports Training 


Thursday 21, 2012 Presentations:

15 Minute Lesson Plan – PowerPoint Handout 

15 Minute Lesson Plan – Worksheet 

Becoming a True Sport Coach – Renewing the True Spirit of Athletic Competition 

Coaching Lessons from Years in the Rink 






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