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NFHS January 2012 Extemp Topics



January 2012


Easier Topics 


  1. Do voters care about the marital problems of political candidates? 


  1. Does the failure of the congressional “Super Committee” signal further danger for America’s credit rating? 


  1. Should the United States increase its investment in unmanned space probes? 


  1. Why does Mitt Romney have such a hard time gaining the respect of Republican voters? 


  1. Have there been too many presidential candidate debates this season? 


  1. Why is America’s auto industry recovering? 


  1. Is it time for the US Postal Service to turn its work over to private companies? 


  1. Are public complaints over the contentious nature of American politics overblown? 


  1. Should Congress pass legislation expanding the conceal-carry rights of gun owners across state borders? 


  1. Can Rick Perry’s presidential candidacy recover? 


  1. Is Donald Trump’s influence on Republican politics good or bad for the party? 


  1. What secrets can Iran learn from the recently intercepted US drone? 


  1. Did Rod Blagojevich receive a fair sentence on his corruption conviction? 


More Difficult Topics 


  1. Which Republican presidential candidate is best positioned to unite the various wings of the party? 


  1. How will the scandals at Penn State and Syracuse change college sports? 


  1. Will the treatment of Occupy Movement protesters by police weaken or strengthen the movement? 


  1. Are improved holiday gift sales an indication of a rebounding economy? 


  1. Are fears over the chemical BPA over-exaggerated? 


  1. Would a little inflation be good for the American economy? 


  1. Why are Democrats already running ads against Republican candidates when a nominee hasn’t been selected? 


  1. Will the federal government succeed in its plans to bring broadband Internet to rural America? 


  1. Should federal courts play a more active role in the Congressional redistricting process? 


  1. Is shale gas “fracking” a significant threat to the environment? 


  1. What steps can Congress take to tighten penalties against online pirates? 


  1. Should for-profit colleges and universities lose access to federal student aid? 




Easier Topics 


  1. Will the Arab League’s isolation strategy help change the character of the Assad regime? 


  1. Can plans for the Eurozone recovery succeed in rescuing the failing currency? 


  1. Is Burma (Myanmar) finally becoming a democracy? 


  1. Will ongoing parliamentary elections ultimately result in a more democratic Egypt? 


  1. Will the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo accept this month’s controversial election results? 


  1. Is it time the United States severed its relations with Pakistan? 


  1. Does the world community have the capacity to eradicate AIDS? 


  1. Is Turkey’s influence in the world on the rise? 


  1. Is Vladimir Putin’s grip on power in Russia weakening? 


  1. Would it be a mistake for the United States to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014? 


  1. Is India succeeding at its efforts to curtail Maoist activities within its borders? 


  1. Should South Africa nationalize its mining industry? 


  1. Will the Durban climate change talks accomplish anything significant? 


More Difficult Topics 


  1. Is the decision by the United States to station troops in Australia a strategy designed to check the rising power of China? 


  1. How would Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon change the security of the Middle East? 


  1. Is Pakistan’s civilian government in danger of being overthrown by the military? 


  1. What steps can African nations take to accelerate their economic growth? 


  1. Should the United States open diplomatic relations with Burma (Myanmar)? 


  1. Will Yemen’s President Saleh actually give up power? 


  1. Is political dissent a threat to the stability of the Persian Gulf region? 


  1. Can Dilma Rousseff succeed in curtailing Brazil’s system of patronage politics? 


  1. Is the Organization of American States in danger of collapsing? 


  1. Should Canada increase the size of its parliament? 


  1. Can Spain’s new leader capitalize on his mandate for change? 


  1. Will the Euro crisis strengthen the image of Angela Merkel? 



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