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NFHS Volleyball Rules Changes 2012-13

4-2-2 new NOTE:  Beginning July 1, 2016 either the libero or his/her teammates shall wear a solid colored uniform top that is clearly in contrast from the predominant color(s) of the teammates’ uniform top.  The solid color uniform top shall meet specific design requirements.

Rationale:  When both the libero and his/her teammates are in multi-colored uniforms of the same color combinations, it can be very difficult to discern the libero’s legality when playing the ball.  Requiring either the libero or the other team members to be in a solid colored uniform of contrasting color will assist the referees in determining legal playing actions. 

 5-2-2:  The referee’s equipment shall include a watch along with a whistle, coin and yellow/red cards.  

 Rationale:  The watch is needed as an alternate to a visual timing device in the event of a malfunction. 

5-3-4d, 5-4-3b(22):The coin toss for a deciding set shall be conducted by the second referee in front of the officials’ table. 

 Rationale:  The coin toss being conducted by the second referee at the officials’ table will be more efficient and enhance the flow of the match. 

10-3 PEN 1:    Illegal alignment is now charged when an illegal substitute is identified in the set after the whistle/signal for serve. 

Rationale:  The penalty for an illegal libero identified in the set should be the same as an illegal substitute, loss of rally/point.  This change provides consistency in penalties for illegal players in a set.   

11-2-3 new NOTE:   State associations have the authority to determine the number of electronic media timeouts that may be taken and when they may be taken during the match.
Rationale:  With the increase in the number of matches being broadcast in some electronic format, it is appropriate to establish a procedure for electronic media time-outs. 

2012-13 Volleyball Major Editorial Changes 

4-2-7:    Clarifies the application of restrictions on visible undergarments worn with the uniform top (t-shirts, body suits and other similar garments). 

5-4-3b(2):   Completes the listing of responsibilities for the second referee when repeating the first referee’s signals. 

9-7:   Terminology is updated throughout rules to change “foul” to “fault.” 

9-8-7i:   Clarifies play when ceiling suspended net system uses poles to retract net.  

Signals Using Flags:  Recommends the color and appropriate range of size for line judge flags. 

 2012-13 Volleyball Editorial Changes 

 5-1-3, 5-4-3b(16), 7-1-4 Penalty 1, 11-1-2 

2012-13 Volleyball Points of Emphasis 

 1.               Placement of net antennas when vertical tape marker is used 

2.               Host school responsible for providing and training assistant officials 

3.               Players to take positions on the court without delay 

4.               Only one manufacturers logo per uniform piece 

5.               Importance of line judges 

6.               Substitutes and libero entry to the playing court 






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