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NFHS Swimming and Diving Rules Changes 2012-13

2012-13 Swimming and Diving Rules Changes 

3-3-2  Clarifies the penalties for a swimmer or diver wearing illegal attire such as an illegal cap and separates these penalties from the penalty for illegal construction of a swimming suit.

Rationale:  Clearly states the penalty for the wearing of illegal attire is separate from an illegal suit. Previously, a specific penalty was not associated with this violation.

3-3-4  Tape is permitted to treat a documented medical condition providing the meet referee is presented with signed documentation from an appropriate health-care professional prior to the start of competition.

Rationale:  Establishes a procedure, by rule, to follow at the local level when a competitor needs to use tape. The procedure does not require individual state association action.

8-2-1f  The initiation of the turning action in the backstroke may be initiated by an upward or downward, underwater movement of the head.

Rationale:  A swimmer may lift the head to begin the rotation necessary to begin a flip turn. The addition of the word “upward” provides clarification for legality of the turn and will avoid unwarranted disqualifications.

8-2-2c  On the start or turn, the initiation of the arm stroke shall be accomplished by a discernible horizontal separation of the hands.

Rationale:  More clearly defines the initiation of the stroke as a discernible horizontal separation of the hands. This will assist in greater consistency while judging the beginning of the breaststroke.

9-2-2  The order of divers in a championship meet is determined by the meet director using a seeding method based on scores or by lot. With no action from the meet director, the default method for determining the order of diving in a championship meet is by lot.

Rationale:  The rule should include the standard method (default method) for determining the order of the diving competition absent any action by the meet director.

 2012-13 Major Editorial Changes 

3-3-3c  Changed the Note regarding the wearing of a suit with the FINA mark to a part of the rule.

9-5-2  Additional steps, hops, leaps and/or jumps may occur during the diver’s initial steps and before the culminating hurdle in the forward approach.

Appendix B  Suggested protocol for electronic relay judging equipment specifies when the relay takeoff judge’s observation shall be considered to confirm a disqualification.

 2012-13 Editorial Changes 

 3-3-3a, 3-5-3, 4-1-4, 9-4

2012-13 Points of Emphasis 

1.         Shaving on site and sports hygiene

2.         Suits with FINA barcode

3.         Relay team attire may be adjusted to become legal

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