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Why NFHS uses Google Currents and you should, too


The NFHS regularly updates its Web site with new content and articles. However, even if someone visits the site on a regular basis, the new content may not be easily identified and slip past a visitor.

This problem is not unique to the NFHS and is where Google Currents comes in. Currents is a free mobile app designed to bring together the latest content updates from a number of sources in one place. Simply put, Currents finds the newest articles of a given source so you don’t have to. Currents comes pre-installed on many Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and from iTunes for Apple devices.

Once downloaded, users can search for and add any number sources of content; from news, sports and entertainment to photography, cooking and technology. The NFHS is publishing on Currents with a mix of news updates and features highlighting the best of high school sports. NFHS subscribers receive the latest rules updates, NFHS Coach Education news and record book performances. In addition, the NFHS publishes all content from NFHS Coaching Today to its Currents edition.

Each Currents source is presented in an easy-to-read format, including all photos and videos embedded with a given article. It is easy to navigate, too, in that users can quickly swipe through different sources to view articles. Currents content is also stored on the device and can be viewed offline. Once a Wi-Fi connection is established again, new content is found and published.

While not every Web site is easily viewed on a mobile device, Currents allows for users to have all the newest information of a traditional Web site at their fingertips on a phone or tablet. To add the NFHS to your Currents library, choose to "Add to Library" and search "NFHS" in the top right corner of the Currents page.

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