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2013-2014 Boys Lacrosse Points of Emphasis


Points of Emphasis 


Age Specific Rules – The rules in this book are designed for high school aged players.  For games played by younger age groups, age specific rules should be utilized.  US Lacrosse has established such age specific rules for youth play which are contained in this book beginning on page 94. 


Properly Worn Equipment – The rules require players to wear a number of items of protective equipment including a helmet with a face mask, a mouth guard, protective gloves, shoulder pads, shoes and arm pads. Further, the rules state that these items must be professionally manufactured and not altered. Coaches, officials and players are reminded that these items must be properly fitted and properly worn to maximize protection. Items of protective equipment that are improperly fitted increase the risk of injury for players. Likewise, items that have been altered from the original manufacturer’s specifications reduce the protective characteristics of the product.  

Ensuring that players are not playing with illegal equipment and are properly wearing all required equipment or is a major responsibility of all lacrosse coaches. Coaches are reminded of their obligation to carefully inspect their players’ equipment and instruct them on how to properly wear this equipment. 


Slashing – There is no place in the game for slashing. All participants are reminded that all slashes are illegal and coaches must properly instruct their player to avoid making such slashes.  Officials should be especially alert to call these penalties whenever they occur.  If a player commits multiple slashes, multiple fouls should be called. 


Balls – All balls are to meet the NOCSAE standards and all game balls must include labeling, which states “Meets NOCSAE standard. NFHS.” These standards establish performance requirements in the size weight and compressibility and other characteristics of the ball. These standards were established to minimize risk for the players.  Coaches are reminded it is their obligation to supply and only utilize such balls.  


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