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Record Holder State Data
3059 Bruce Williams LA (Florien), 1977-80
2303 Othella Harrington MS (Jackon Murrah), 1989-92
2209 Darnell Robinson CA (Emeryville Emery), 1990-93
2037 Lynn Royal TX (Hughes Springs), 1971-73
2008 Richard Jones TN (Memphis Lester), 1960-63
1942 Marc Davidson IL (Aurora Christian), 1988-91
1929 Rick Goodman MT (Belt Valley), 1968-71
1677 Tommy Jones TX (Crane), 1967-69
1671 Bill Presley MO (Alton, MO; Fair Grove), 1969-72
1667 Joe Kleine MO (Slater), 1977-80

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