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Record Holder State Data
1246 Michael Hart NY (Nedrow Onondaga), 2000-03
1232 Johnathan Gray TX (Aledo), 2008-11
1076 T.A. McLendon NC (Albemarle), 1999-2001
952 Brett Law IN (Sheridan), 1986-89
924 Kevin Grady Jr. MI (East Grand Rapids), 2001-04
904 Nick Zachery IN (Sheridan), 2006-08
899 Ken Hall TX (Sugar Land), 1950-53 (127 TDs, 137 con.)
890 Hubert Bobo OH (Chauncey-Chauncey Dover), 1949-52
884 Brad Hocker MO (Archie), 1988-91
874 Lorenzo Booker CA (Ventura St. Bonaventure), 1999-2001
866 Tyler Tonderum IA (Armstrong-Ringsted), 2006-09
847 Levi Ferguson IA (New Sharon North Mahaska), 2002-05

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