Presentation Materials


  1. Concussion Management
  2. Coaching Leadership
  3. Helping Parents with What They Need to Know
  4. Supporting Multi-Sport Participation
  5. Retaining and Storing Important Records—What/How/How Long?
  6. Contest Management
  7. Title IX Audit: How Can My School Prepare?
  8. Concussion Management
  9. Pros and Cons of Using Social Media to Promote Your Programs
  10. Coach Mentoring and Assessment
  11. Fostering Relationships between the Athletic Director and Coaches
  12. STUNT - Competition Derived from Cheer and Title IX
  13. Technology Innovations that Help the Athletic Director
  14. The Importance of Certification
  15. Pros and Cons of Using Social Media to Promote your Programs
  16. Hazing/Bullying/Harassment vs. Tradition
  17. Balancing Life as an Athletic Director
  18. Sportsmanship—Sharing of Ideas
  19. Energy Drinks and Supplements
  20. Team Captains—Importance of Their Development
  21. Considerations When Building or Remodeling an Athletic Facility
  22. Hazing/Bullying/Harassment vs. Tradition
  23. Legal Issues and Social Media
  24. Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks--Ideas for the Veteran Athletic Director
  25. Operating a First-Class Athletic Department
  26. Research on Benefits of Athletic Participation
  27. Human Impact Tolerance and the STAR Helmet Rating
  28. Developing Cohesive Relationships with Principals and Superintendents
  29. Legal Issues and Social Media
  30. New NCAA Core Eligibility Requirements
  31. Booster Club Management
  32. Value and Philosophy of Education-Based Athletics
  33. Current Legal Issues--Potential Impact on Our Programs
  34. Transitioning from Middle School/Junior High to High School Athletics
  35. New NCAA Core Eligibility Requirements
  36. Student Leadership Development
  37. Successful Preseason Meetings
  38. Successfully Developing Your Non-Faculty Coaches
  39. Managing and Balancing a Budget
  40. Dealing with Tragedy in the School Setting
  41. NAIA Eligibility

Additional Materials

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