Use of Terms

Under-represented:In many cases, a minority group is under-represented in an organization or association compared to its percentage of the overall population or a population subgroup. For instance, it is mentioned that it appears the percentage of racial and ethnic minority teachers are under-represented in terms of the percentage of racial and ethnic minority students. However, women are probably under-represented in the coaching ranks when looking at the percentages of coaches, boys and girls teams or male and female interscholastic performing arts participants even though they are not a minority in the teaching ranks or in the population.

Minority Inclusion or Diversity: These terms are used almost synonymously in this toolkit. However, a distinction can be made. Diversity is having cultural groups represented in an organization or group somewhat proportional to the population or reference group. Minority inclusion is the means of including and retaining those representative of minority groups in an organization or group. It is a process or means to create a more diverse organization or group.

Workforce: This term is used broadly in this toolkit to refer to all the people who work for, work on behalf of, represent or provide a service for a state or provincial association or the NFHS on a regular, occasional or even one-time basis. This is regardless of whether they are paid or volunteer. The following is a suggested list of a number of those included in this broad workforce.

  1. Employees, including at various levels, who are hired by the organization.
  2. Board, or governing body, and committee members.
  3. Contest officials who are sanctioned by the organization and/or assigned to officiate in tournaments.
  4. Rules interpreters.
  5. Interns.
  6. Ancillary staff at tournaments and similar events, including:
    1. Tournament managers;
    2. Media/press stewards (check badges, provide stats, etc.);
    3. Ticket takers;
    4. Scorers, timers, announcers;
    5. Trainers, doctors and other medical personnel; and
    6. National Anthem singers;
    7. Pre-event, half-time and between-contest performers.
  7. Greeters, speakers, presenters and facilitators at conferences, meetings or training events.

Vendors, which can include those you hire for sponsored events, venues you choose for your tournaments and other sponsored events, and those who provide services or products at your office.