2. November 2017 Extemp Topics

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November 2017




  1. Should Rex Tillerson resign as Secretary of State?
  2. Is Steve Bannon more powerful outside of the White House than he was inside the White House?

  3. Should the Federal Communications Commission threaten the licenses of TV stations who report stories disputed by the federal government?

  4. In the wake of recent hurricanes, has Puerto Rico received less attention from the U.S. government than Texas and Florida?

  5. Can Kevin de Leon succeed in defeating Diane Feinstein in the California Senate Democratic primary?

  6. Is Rand Paul warming to Donald Trump?

  7. Are questions about President Trump’s mental competence warranted?

  8. Is the American economy still in good health?

  9. Is “taking a knee” during the national anthem an effective form of social protest?

  10. Should President Obama speak-out about his successor’s efforts to dismantle his legacy?

  11. Can the United States protect the electoral system from hacking by the next national election?

  12. Will the states garner the necessary support to call a Constitutional Convention?

  13. Will the Supreme Court rule against extreme gerrymandering?




  1. What steps must Republican congressional leaders take to move their priorities forward?

  2. How will disclosures about Harvey Weinstein change Hollywood?
  3. What steps can California’s government take to better prepare for the annual threat of wildfires?
  4. A year after President Trump’s election, who currently represents the GOP establishment?

  5. How will the Las Vegas shooting change the debate over gun control?

  6. What would happen to U.S. politics if Puerto Rico became a state?

  7. How will President Trump’s anti-Obamacare Executive Orders change the healthcare industry?
  8. How will the proposed Republican tax plan change the United States economy?

  9. What steps must be taken to close the gender gap in pay in America?

  10. What issues can gun control and gun rights advocates come to agreement upon?

  11. What can the White House communications staff do to improve its relationship with the press?

  12. What are the prime factors driving America’s opioid crisis?





  1. Has Iran complied with the nuclear development deal it made with the United States and other world powers?

  2. Is President Xi Jinping succeeding in reshaping the Chinese government in his image?Are Western powers doing enough to support the fledgling government of Somalia?

  3. With its decision to allow women to drive, is Saudi Arabia making concrete steps toward expanded women’s rights?

  4. Can China and the United States unite to address the threat of North Korea?

  5. Will Uganda’s president succeed in his effort to eliminate age limits on the Ugandan presidency?

  6. Can Kurdish independence from Iraq be stopped?

  7. Should ultra-orthodox Jews be required to serve in the Israeli army?
  8. Can the Spanish government keep Catalonia part of Spain?

  9. Does the United States have a coherent foreign policy toward Venezuela?

  10. Is the United States exaggerating the threat to Americans visiting Cuba?

  11. Is religion playing a disproportionate role in today’s Indonesian politics?

  12. Is it time for Taiwan to declare formal independence from China?




  1. What steps must the United States take to cool the conflict with North Korea?

  2. Which of Europe’s national leaders has the strongest claim to leadership of the larger European community?

  3. What do the results of Japanese elections say about the people’s view of the nation’s leadership?

  4. What steps must the Cuban government take to revive its economy?

  5. How is China’s justice system doing more to bring the common person justice?

  6. What can be done to bring unity back to the African National Congress?

  7. How has Italy avoided being a victim of Islamist terror attacks?

  8. What is to blame for the rising murder rate in Rio De Janeiro?

  9. What must the Japanese government do to address the stresses caused by an increasingly aging population?

  10. What can the government of Ethiopia do to counter ethnic tensions there?

  11. What steps must the Palestinian Authority take to make sure cooperation between Hamas and Fatah continues?

  12. What steps must the world community take to change the status quo in Eastern Ukraine?