5. February 2018 Extemp Topics

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February 2018




  1. Should the American public be concerned about President Trump’s health?

  2. Will recent revelations about President Trump’s behavior change the level of support he has among voters on the “religious right”?

  3. Is it fair to charge former Navy commanders with negligent homicide for deaths caused by recent ship collisions?

  4. Is President Trump undermining the work of the State Department?

  5. Can the President and Congress come to an agreement on DACA?

  6. Will the #MeToo movement bring about enduring change, or are its effects on society temporary?

  7. Should government regulate the development of artificial intelligence?

  8. Will Missouri’s governor be forced to resign?

  9. Should the recent increase in ice melting in Antarctica worry scientists?

  10. Is Puerto Rico receiving enough aid in its hurricane recovery efforts?

  11. Will proposed revisions in the United States nuclear strategy increase the risk of miscalculation in America’s conflicts with other nations?

  12. Have Betsy DeVos’ policies in the Department of Education helped or hurt America’s historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)?




  1. What are the most damaging allegations to emerge from the publication of Fire and Fury?

  2. How will Steve Bannon’s departure from Breitbart News change the tone of the organization’s reporting?

  3. What compromises will be needed to achieve comprehensive immigration reform?

  4. How will President Trump’s alleged derogatory comments about African and Latin American nations impact U.S. foreign relations?

  5. How will recent decisions by members of Congress not to seek re-election impact the midterm elections?

  6. How will recent statements by President Trump on issues of race impact minority voter behavior in the midterm elections?

  7. What steps can California do to prevent a repeat of the devastating mudslides of January?

  8. What can American colleges and universities do to reverse the downward trend in international student enrollments?

  9. Under what conditions might Democrats be inclined to accept President Trump’s proposed border wall?

  10. What will be the consequences of the FCC’s decision to repeal “Net Neutrality”?

  11. What will be the environmental impacts of expanding offshore oil drilling?

  12. How will the growth in interest in bitcoin impact the global economy?

  13. What strategies should government pursue to combat America’s obesity epidemic?





  1. Is the U.S. pushing conditions that will lead to the creation of an autonomous enclave for Kurds in Syria?

  2. Will recent economic protests in Tunisia result in government reforms?

  3. Could the imposition of more constitutional monarchies in Africa help bring stability to the continent?

  4. Is Uzbekistan moving toward greater democracy?

  5. Is Kenya a model for expanded African electrification?

  6. Is Poland’s government taking a rightward turn?

  7. Does the Paris Climate Accord still have teeth?

  8. Will Iran’s protest movement result in the departure of the country’s Supreme Leader?

  9. Will the Yemini government and its coalition partners succeed in defeating the Houthi rebels?

  10. Can Ahmed Shafiq mount a successful challenge to President Al Sisi in upcoming elections?

  11. Can Joseph Kabila be counted on to hold democratic elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2018?

  12. Will renewed conversations between North and South Korea ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula?

  13. Is the United States responsible for the breakdown in relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority?




  1. How will increasing involvement by a younger generation of Brazilians change Brazil’s politics?

  2. What must Nepal’s new government do to satisfy the competing interests of its large neighbors: China and India?

  3. What steps can Japan take to bring about a satisfactory resolution of its territorial dispute with Russia over the Kuril Islands?

  4. What steps must China take to expand upon its improvements in environmental protection?

  5. What will be the political consequences for the African National Congress of Jacob Zuma’s continued legal troubles?

  6. How will Russia’s successes in Syria impact Vladimir Putin’s popularity with his domestic audience?

  7. What is the significance of the recent elections in Catalonia on the future relationship between Spain and the separatist province?

  8. What motivated the president of Peru to pardon Alberto Fujimori?

  9. What can Western nations do to help nurture the opposition in Iran?
  10. What can Pakistan’s government do to move the country’s economy beyond feudalism?

  11. What can the Philippines do to reduce its reputation as a hub for child pornography?

  12. What measures can the United Nations Security Council take to get North Korea to change its position on its nuclear program?