Basketball Comments on the Rules - 2017-18

By NFHS on June 02, 2017 basketball Print

Change to the coaching box rule (1-13-2): This rule change allows for state associations to alter the length and placement of the 28 foot (maximum) coaching box. The area shall be bounded by a line drawn 28 feet from the end line towards the Division line. The head coach must still be seated within the designated coaching box.

Officials to use two hands when reporting fouls (2-9-1): Officials will now use two hands to indicate to the scorer the number of the offender. The right hand of the official will give the tens and the left hand of the official will give the ones. If the number is 32 the right hand would show the scorer the three and left hand would show the scorer the two while verbalizing 32. Both hands of the official are shown to the scorer at the same time.

New sentence (3-4-1d): There are restrictions on what identifying names may be placed on the team jersey from the imaginary line at the base of the neckline to the top of the shoulder and in the corresponding area on the back of the jersey. (see Article 3-4-4).

Change to allowable identifying names (3-4-4a): This rule stipulates what is permissible to put on to the team jersey in the allowable areas. i.e. School name, school’s nickname, school logo, player’s name and/or abbreviation of the official team name. 3-4-4 has a new letter b. This now states that the panel in the shoulder area of the jersey on the back may be used for placing an identifying name as well.

New rule for officials to issue a warning (4-48-1 and 2): Officials may now issue a warning to the coach or the team bench. These warnings can be for conduct that is described in 10-5 or 10-6. If the offense is deemed to be major, the official may assess a technical foul in either situation. A warning is not required prior to assessing a technical foul. These warnings will be recorded in the scorebook by the scorer and reported to the head coach.


(3-5-2C NOTE): This was moved from 3-5-3d to better align with where braces are addressed in the rule book.

(4-4-7b): Changed the word player to thrower or free thrower.

(9-12 Penalty 1): Changes the rule reference from 10-3-9 to 10-4-9.

Technical-Foul Penalty Summary-Head Coach: Changed 20 seconds to 15 seconds.