Basketball Comments on the Rules - 2018-19

By NFHS on May 17, 2018 basketball Print

Addition to the description of the surface of the basketball (1-12-1c): Each year basketball manufacturers are becoming more creative in the design of the basketball.  Even though these innovative designs are popular, they may not meet NFHS standards.   In an attempt to give more specific direction, the committee added terminology to better describe the accepted surface of a legal basketball. 

History of Changes in the basketball

1955       Rubber covered ball may be used

1957       Ball color must be tan or yellow

1959       Orange colored ball may be used

1960       Ball must be orange or natural tan

1968       Ball channels limited to ¼ inch

1985       A 1-inch smaller and 2-ounce lighter ball adopted for high school girls

2003       Multiple-paneled basketballs permitted

2015       Effective 2019-20 ball colors shall be Pantone Matching System (PMS) orange 152, red-orange 173 or brown 1535

An EXCEPTION added to the backcourt violation (9-9-1): To ensure that an offensive team is not unfairly penalized when the ball is deflected by the defense from the frontcourt to the backcourt.   This exception allows the offense to recover the ball (that still has frontcourt status) in the backcourt without penalty.  This also makes the play situation on the deflected pass consistent with other codes with very similar team control and backcourt rules.