Comments on the 2017 Volleyball Rules Changes

By NFHS on May 04, 2017 volleyball Print

5-5-3b(12), 5-5-3b(19), 5-4-3c(17), 5-8-3a: The defining end of a time-out shall be the audio signal (horn) administered by the official timer and the warning of the impending end of the time-out is administered by the second referee. For a time-out, the second referee whistles a warning at 45 seconds or at any other time when both teams take the court ready to play before the audio horn is sounded at 60 seconds. The second referee shall instruct the timer to sound the audio signal at 60 seconds or earlier if teams are on the court before the scheduled 60 seconds. The same procedure is followed for the timed interval between sets. The second referee whistles a two-minute, 45-second warning followed by the timer sounding the audio signal at three minutes. If an intermission is being used, the warning whistle is at four minutes, 45 seconds with the audio signal at five minutes.

9-8-2: A replay is a single action to repeat the start and completion of a rally that was interrupted under Rule 9-8-1. When resuming play, all circumstances should be the same and no requests shall be recognized for time-out, service order, lineup, substitution, libero replacement, etc. This application of the rule for a replay provides for a reasonable resumption of play with circumstances being the same as they were when play was interrupted.

Deletion of Illegal Substitution Signal: The penalty for illegal substitution is "unnecessary delay – administrative yellow or red card." There is no need to require the referee to execute two penalty signals – illegal substitution and unnecessary delay – for the same violation of "unnecessary delay." This eliminates a duplicate action by the referee for the same violation.