Field Hockey Comments on the Rules - 2017

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1-2-4h: The Substitution Area marked as follows on the same side of the field as the official’s table, 10-yard wide area, 5 yards on either side of the center line, for all players including goalkeepers.

4-2-2b: The game clock shall be stopped by the official’s signal for a goalkeeper substitution.

4-4-7: Time is not stopped during substitution except for a goalkeeper.

8-1-1v, w (NEW): Fouls include rough and dangerous play and unnecessary delay of the game.

8-1-1 PENALTIES 2: For deliberate fouls by the defense inside the 25-yard line, but outside the circle, the official shall award a penalty corner.

8-2-1a, e, h: Misconduct includes any player or team action which an official deems to be unsportsmanlike including disputing, appealing, protesting and/or reacting in a provocative or disapproving manner in an inappropriate way towards any decision made by an official or official entering the field of play for any reason without permission from the official and not respecting the 5-yard area off the sideline of the field outside of the designated team bench area and remaining behind a clearly marked restraining area.

8-2 PENALTIES 2, 3, 4: Removed the awarding of a penalty stoke when a red card is issued to a player(s).

Official Signals: 25-Yard Free Hit signal has changed to using the right or left arm as appropriate, with the arm well below the shoulder level, draw an imaginary line from the point where the ball crossed the backline to the point on the 25-yard line.