Field Hockey Rules Interpretations - 2016

By NFHS on August 18, 2016 field hockey

Publisher’s Note: The National Federation of State High School Associations is the only source of official high school interpretations. They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented.
Robert B. Gardner, Publisher, NFHS Publications © 2016

SITUATION 1: A corner is called and the Red Team puts on facemasks. The official allows play. RULING: Incorrect procedure. COMMENT: Field players are only allowed to wear ASTM standard protective eyewear. Facemasks are no longer permitted. (1.6.5 Situation D)

SITUATION 2: A defender who is beyond the 25-yard line unintentionally sends the ball over the end line. The official awards the defense a 16-yard hit. RULING: Incorrect procedure. COMMENT: A 25-yard free hit is awarded the attack. A ball sent out of bounds is awarded to the opponent of the team/player that last touched the ball. (7.3.2 Situation A)

SITUATION 3: The defending team unintentionally causes the ball to cross the end line. The umpire signals for a 25-yard free hit. The offensive team begins to take the free hit from the 5-yard mark on the sideline. The umpire instructs the offensive team to take the free hit from the 25-yard line that is in line with where it crossed the end line. RULING: Correct procedure. (7.3.2 Situation B)

SITUATION 4: During a penalty corner, a Red Team player falls to the ground injured. The umpire awards a bully. RULING: Incorrect procedure. COMMENT: If a play is stopped because of an injury or any other reason during the taking of any penalty corner, the corner and a bully would otherwise be awarded the penalty corner shall be retaken. (10.2.3 Situation F)

SITUATION 5: On a penalty corner, the first shot on goal is made with long sweeping motion and the ball enters the net just below the crossbar. The official awards a goal. RULING: Incorrect procedure. COMMENT: Hitting the ball involving a long sweeping movement with the stick before making contact with the ball is regarded as a hit, and, therefore, the 18-inch rule applies. (10.2.7 Situation A)

SITUATION 6: On a penalty corner to the Purple Team, on insertion the ball travels 6 yards outside the circle, and is then moved back inside the circle where a purple player hits it high into the goal. The official awards a goal. RULING: Correct procedure. COMMENT: Once the ball has traveled more than 5 yards from the circle, penalty corner rules no longer apply, and play is judged on danger. (10.2.7 Situation B)

SITUATION 7: On a penalty corner, the ball is hit on goal and is on a trajectory to cross the goal line below 18 inches high. A defender attempts to play the ball and deflects it high into goal just under the crossbar. RULING: Goal. COMMENT: Legal. The shot on goal is judged on danger, not the 18-inch rule. (10.2.8 Situation B)

SITUATION 8: A Red Team player has a breakaway on goal. A player from the White Team comes from behind with a deliberate foul inside the circle. The umpire awards a penalty corner. RULING: Incorrect procedure. COMMENT: A penalty stroke shall be awarded when a deliberate foul is committed inside the circle by a defender which stops a potential goal or deprives an attacker of actual likely possession of the ball. A card may also be awarded. (11.1.1 Situation B)