NFHS Ice Hockey Uniform Rules

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National Federation of State High School Associations


Rule 2-1-2: All players shall wear numbered uniforms. It is required that all players be numbered with at least 10-inch high Gothic, colored numbers on the back of their jerseys and the same numbers at least 4 inches in height on both sleeves of the jersey. The color of the numbers shall contrast with the color of the jersey.

a. All members of a team shall wear identical uniforms relative to color of helmets (excluding goalkeepers), jerseys, socks, pants and length of pants.

b. It is required that the visiting team shall wear dark-colored jerseys; the home team shall wear white-/light-colored jerseys.

c. One manufacturer’s logo/trademark 2. square inches with no dimension more than 2. inches and one American flag, not to exceed 2 inches by 3 inches, may be worn or occupy space on each item of uniform apparel.

d. By state association adoption, to allow for special occasions, commemorative or memorial patches, not to exceed 4 square inches, may be worn on jerseys without compromising the integrity of the uniform.

Rule 2-2-1a: The captain(s) and alternate(s) shall wear a “C” or an “A” in a contrasting color on the left, front shoulder of the jersey. No goalkeeper may have on-ice captain’s privileges.

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