NFHS Sports Medicine Position Statements and Guidelines

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DISCLAIMER – NFHS Position Statements and Guidelines 

The NFHS regularly distributes position statements and guidelines to promote public awareness of certain health and safety-related issues. Such information is neither exhaustive nor necessarily applicable to all circumstances or individuals, and is no substitute for consultation with appropriate health-care professionals. Statutes, codes or environmental conditions may be relevant. NFHS position statements or guidelines should be considered in conjunction with other pertinent materials when taking action or planning care. The NFHS reserves the right to rescind or modify any such document at any time. 

Position Statements

NFHS Statement on Medical Appliances and/or Medical Devices –  November 2018 

Position Statement and Recommendations for the Use of Energy Drinks by Young Athletes - April 2018

Position Statement and Recommendations for Maintaining Hydration to Optimize Performance and Minimize the Risk for Exertional Heat Illness - April 2018 

Heat Acclimatization and Heat Illness Prevention Position Statement - April 2018 

General Guidelines for Sports Hygiene, Skin Infections and Communicable Diseases - April 2018

Sports Related Skin Infections Position Statement and Guidelines - April 2018

Guidelines on Handling Practices and Contests During Lightning or Thunder Disturbances - March 2018

Position Statement on Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs and Substances - April 2017

Suggested Guidelines for Management of Concussion in Sports - April 2017

Soft Headgear in Non-Helmeted Sports Position Statement - April 2017 

Position Statement on Smokeless Tobacco - October 2016

A Parent’s/Guardian's Guide to Concussion - April 2016

Invasive Medical Procedures on the Day of Competition Position Statement - April 2016

Position Statement on Emerging Technology and Risk Minimization -  October 2015

Position Statements: A Guiding Document - April 2015

Position Statement and Recommendations for Mouthguard Use in Sports - October 2014

Task Force Reports

The Essentials Initiative - October 2016

Recommendations and Guidelines for Minimizing Head Impact Exposure and Concussion Risk in Football - October 2014