Soccer Comments on the Rules - 2017-18

By NFHS on May 12, 2017 soccer Print

4-1-1D: This rule change maintains consistency with current uniform rule requirements. This rule prevents players from wearing different colored, contrasting colors for easy identification.

4-2-9: The use of soft padded headgear is now permitted but not required. This change provides an expanded scope of the use of headwear to include soft padded headgear and headbands.

8-1-3, 10-1-3F: Two rule changes have been made:
• Kickoff may now be played in any direction
• A goal may not be scored into the kicking team’s own goal from a kickoff.
These rule changes align NFHS rules with other rule making agencies.

13-1-2: Clarifies the location of the spot from which the Indirect free kick is taken.

14-1-4: The additional wording clarifies that stutter stepping is allowed.