Softball Comments on the Rules - 2018

By NFHS on September 05, 2017 rules Print

2-65-2: In an effort to improve the flow of the game and align with current trends of the sport, this change will allow the coach or catcher of the defensive team to make a request to the umpire for the batter to be intentionally walked to first base.

3-2-7c: Added language to address the use and placement of the wristband playbook/play card and defines this item as a piece of equipment. It also addresses restrictions on color.

3-2-15: Removes the responsibility of the umpires to inspect equipment prior to the start of the game, and places the responsibility on the head coach as written in Rule 4-1-2d.

3-7-1 NOTE (New): Provides the umpires with the authority to allow a reasonable number of warm-up pitches to an incoming pitcher due to circumstances that require a pitcher to be removed by rule.

6-1-2b: At any time prior to start of the pitch the pitcher may step back with the non-pivot foot with the hands together or separated. There appears to be no advantage to the hands being apart or together prior to stepping back.  This rule change may also help the developing pitcher.

10-2-3a: As in Rule 3-2-15, this change will eliminate the equipment inspection responsibility of the umpire, but addresses the other areas of discussion in the pre-game conference. The use of legal equipment is the responsibility of the head coach.