Softball Points of Emphasis - 2018

By NFHS on September 05, 2017 softball Print

Coaches Responsibility Pregame Conference-Equipment

Rule 3-2-15 has been removed. Coaches are reminded of their responsibilities per Rule 4-1-2d, they are responsible to verify, at the pregame conference, all their players are legally and properly equipped. Coaches should review the following rules: 1-4 Gloves/Mitts, 1-5 Bats, 1-6 Batting Helmets, 1-7 Catchers Equipment and 3-2 Uniforms and Player Equipment. Penalties for illegal equipment range from correcting the problem if possible or having the equipment removed. Possible restriction to the dugout or ejection for the player and coach depending on the severity of the infraction could occur.  

Other Equipment

Coaches should also review Rule 1-8 other equipment. To be familiar with what other equipment is permitted for players and coaches.  (infielders facemask)

Hit By Pitch

8-1-2c- describes a situation in which the ball is not in the strike zone (this is a dead ball strike) and is not completely in the batter’s box (hit by pitch and awarded first base). In the area between the strike zone and completely in the batter’s box, it was intended that the batter still had to make an effort to avoid being hit.

Courtesy Runner for the Pitcher and/or Catcher

8-9-2 has a unique exception:  When an injury or disqualification occurs in the top of the first inning to the pitcher and/or catcher identified on the lineup card and she is unable to face the first batter in the bottom of the first inning, the player who ran for her is retroactively her substitute, no longer a courtesy runner. All substitution rules apply and the pitcher and/or catcher has left the game. If the pitcher and/or catcher is able to play at another position on the field, the player who ran for her is retroactively her substitute and is no longer a courtesy runner. All substitution rules apply.