Water Polo Points of Emphasis - 2016-17

By NFHS on July 15, 2016 water polo

1. Consistency Applied to the Uniform and Cap Rules (Rule 4-10-2).  Suits and caps shall each contain only one visible manufacturer’s logo/trademark/reference not exceeding 2 ¼ square inches in area and not exceeding 2¼ inches in any dimension. Restrictions regarding the school logo, school name, school mascot and/or other school information were eliminatedThe rule change provides consistency regarding school information on both the suits and caps.

2. Sportsmanship Expectations (Rule 20-11-1).  The rule defining misconduct was reorganized to provide clarity to language describing unacceptable behavior.  Referees are encouraged to consider using all of these tools before, during, and after the contest.  During the contest, each coaching staff has the responsibility to educate and set expectations for good sportsmanship. If a player displays unsporting conduct, he/she is subject to the appropriate penalty. The conduct of fans before and after a contest, as well as the conduct of the coaching staff, is the responsibility of the school administration. The same expectations of good sportsmanship should be explained to all fans. The host school should have procedures in place to keep officials from being subjected to upset fans, coaches, etc. on the deck and when exiting the playing venue. Good sportsmanship and expectations for all to practice good sporting conduct is a responsibility that should not be overlooked or forgotten.

3. Safety Must Be a Primary Focus.  Players shall enter the water feet first at all times. The referee must point out the rule to a representative of the offending institution whose players are not in compliance with the rule. If the situation persists, the referee must notify the appropriate authority as determined by the state association or section (each state association or section must draw up guidelines for the reporting of non-compliant coaches/schools). No game penalties may be instituted nor do the games officials contact the school directly subsequent to the game. These Points of Emphasis are guidelines in order to bring about consistency in the interpretation and application of the rules of the game. It is important that the referees consistently call the NFHS Water Polo Rules as written in the rules book throughout the entire game to insure player and coach safety.