NFHS Authenticating Mark Program

Authenticating Mark Program

The purpose of the Authenticating Mark Program is to insure equipment conforms to NFHS rules and requirements for contest played under the NFHS rules. It helps to promote a level playing field by assuring consistency in the equipment being used in NFHS sanctioned interscholastic competition.

The required modest fee to be paid by the participating manufacturer, to use the Authenticating Mark Program will generate revenue to support additional services to benefit student-athletes, athletic administrators, coaches and officials.

The mark will also allow the development of more sophisticated standards in balls and pucks and communicate to administrators, coaches and officials that these standards are being met.

Program Implementation:
Manufacturers enter into a license agreement with the NFHS and submit specimens of the product it seeks to license to a qualified testing laboratory (e.g., one that meets the standards of the American Council of Independent Laboratories or the American Society for Testing and Materials). Pass/fail test results are submitted to the NFHS for final approval.

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