NFHS Sanctioning

4/14/2021 1:21:30 AM

Nike Palmetto Cup

Event Information

Event Name Nike Palmetto Cup
Sport Soccer
Gender Boys
Starting 3/30/2016 10:00:00 AM
Ending 4/2/2016 12:00:00 AM
Will the event be played by rules according to the NFHS?
Will there be an entry fee? Yes
Entry Fee Amount $425.00
Will there be an admission fee? Yes
Adult Admission Fee $20.00
Student Admission Fee $10.00
Event Application Date Thursday, August 20, 2015 11:23 AM

Host School & Outside Sponsor Information

School Name Brookland-Cayce
Address 1300 State Street
City Cayce
State SC
ZIP Code 29033
Principal's Name Gregg Morton
Principal's Email
Principal's Phone 803-791-5000

Event Location

Will this event be held in a state different than the state of the host high school?

Outside Sponsor

Does this event involve an outside sponsor?

Invitation & Invited States/Provinces

Number of Schools Invited 24
Will Junior Varsity teams be invited? No
Will club teams be invited? No

Invited States/Provinces

United States
South Carolina

Awards Information

Individual Athlete/Participant Awards
All-Tournament Team - Certificate Tourney MVP
Maximum Retail Value $100.00
Team Awards
Championship & Runner-Up Trophy
Maximum Retail Value $250.00
Coach Awards
Nike shirt / apparel - $25 per coach
Maximum Retail Value $500.00

International Information

Anticipated Gross Receipts $20000.00
Anticipated Expenses $15000.00
Purpose for which net receipts will be used Promoting our soccer program via equipment or uniform purchases.

Are the following benefits provided to all participants?

Transportation No
Room and Board No
Does the management provide travel, accident, and athletic medical insurance to participants?
Are participants provided any other expenses, benefits, or awards in cash, clothing, or merchandise?

Questions for International Events

Each U.S. high school is in good standing in its own state high school association and guarantees that participating in this event will not violate any standard of that association or of the National Federation. Yes
Each U.S. high school participant is eligible under the rules of his or her home state association. Yes
Foreign competitors qualify as amateurs and, if students, comply with the eligibility standards prevalent in the National Federation. Yes
The program will be administered under those playing rules and other requirements approved by the National Federation. Yes
The program of competition will satisfy the academic and interscholastic regulations adopted by the state high school association(s), as well as the athletic and scholastic programs of the school(s). Yes
The sponsoring agency will provide suitable chaperones for the participants. Yes
A complete sport report involving all phases of the competition will be filed with the National Federation upon request. Yes
Application for national governing body sanction has been made by the sponsoring agency or state assocation member school(s). Yes

Event Manager Information

Event Manager Kevin Heise
Organization Brookland-Cayce HS
Phone 803-791-5000
Fax 803-739-4970

Invited Schools

File Name Doc Type Date
NPC-16-NFHS-Sanctioning.xlsx final 12/07/2015 10:26 AM
NPC-16-NFHS-Sanctioning.xlsx initial 08/24/2015 09:23 AM

State Approval

Country State Approval Jurisdiction Non-Member Date Limits on Permission to Participate
United States AL Approved No No 12/10/2015 10:54 AM Member Schools Only No Sunday PLay
United States AK Approved No No 12/13/2015 11:50 AM
United States AR Approved Yes No 01/04/2016 07:38 AM 1. Member schools only 2. No participation prior to 3:30pm on school days
United States GA Denied No No 01/12/2016 11:58 AM No GA schools
United States IA Denied No No 12/08/2015 09:54 AM No Iowa school listed. Iowa schools cannot travel to states that do not border Iowa, except Kansas.
United States NE Approved Yes No 12/07/2015 10:51 AM
United States OK Denied Yes No 12/17/2015 02:49 PM No Oklahoma schools listed.
United States SC Approved Yes Yes 11/06/2015 10:55 AM Member schools only. Brackets are required prior to event; Cardinal Newman is approved non-member
United States TN Approved Yes No 12/14/2015 10:25 AM no tn schools listed
United States UT Pending No No 12/07/2015 10:30 AM No Utah schools listed
United States VA Approved Yes No 12/08/2015 09:56 AM Pending final listing of teams -- no VA teams on list
United States WA Denied Yes No 12/15/2015 05:05 PM No Washington schools listed
United States WY Approved Yes No 12/07/2015 10:29 AM

NFHS Approval

Approval Jurisdiction Date Comment
Yes Yes 03/11/2016 11:17 AM NFHS Sanction only includes SC. Member/approved schools only.