7. April 2018 Extemp Topics

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April 2018



  1. Will President Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on steel trigger a trade war?
  2. Should Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner be removed from their White House positions?
  3. Will recent decisions by the Trump administration drive business leaders to support Democrats?

  4. Can Democrats replicate Conor Lamb’s victory in other Republican-leaning Congressional districts?

  5. Has the federal government made the right decision in blocking Broadcom’s takeover of Qualcomm?

  6. Is the #MeToo movement changing Hollywood for the better?
  7. Should the Veterans Administration move toward privatizing its services?
  8. Does Facebook have adequate control over its data?

  9. Is Nancy Pelosi’s leadership a political liability for Congressional Democrats?
  10. Will President Trump’s proposed death penalty for drug traffickers have an impact on the opioid epidemic?

  11. Was Andrew McCabe’s firing at the brink of retirement justified or an act of retaliation?

  12. Can arming teachers provide safety for America’s students?

  13. Will Steve Mnuchin’s excessive travel spending result in his resignation?


  1. If confirmed, how will Mike Pompeo change the State Department?

  2. How will the many personnel changes in the Trump administration change the President’s approach to governing?

  3. What can government do to improve the availability of healthy food for poor Americans?

  4. How will President Trump’s regular criticisms of the intelligence community impact its ability to recruit new talent?

  5. Who, if anyone, might challenge Donald Trump in the 2020 GOP presidential primary?

  6. How will the Stormy Daniels scandal impact the investigation of the Special Counsel?

  7. How can new aides to President Trump preserve their jobs?

  8. What steps could the NRA take to rehabilitate its public image?

  9. What steps can government take to better protect the public against people whose mental illnesses risk violence?

  10. After several scandals, what can United Airlines do to restore the faith of its customers?

  11. What must the United States do to increase the security of America’s power plants?

  12. Will the court-ordered changes in Pennsylvania’s congressional districts result in similar decisions in other states?




  1.  Is North Korea actually willing to give up its nuclear weapons in negotiations?

  2. Will a corruption scandal bring down the government of Malaysia?

  3. Can Chile’s new president restore business confidence in the country’s economy?

  4. With long-term job security ensured, will Xi Jinping feel comfortable to pursue political reform?

  5. Is Saudi Arabia trying to displace Iran’s influence among Iraq’s Shiites?

  6. Can NATO protect member states on Russia’s border?

  7. Should France expand immigration to obtain more skilled laborers?

  8. Could authoritarian populist politicians gain control of the British government?

  9. Will the truce between Kenya’s president and his opposition last?

  10. Can Ethiopia’s next leader reunite a divided nation?

  11. Is Russia illegally stockpiling toxic nerve agents?

  12. Can Nigeria stop future kidnappings of school girls by Boko Haram?

  13. Will Germany’s new coalition government strengthen or weaken Angela Merkel and her Christian Democrats?


  1. With Putin’s reelection, what can Russians expect from their president over the next six years?

  2. How will Italy resolve its hung parliament?

  3. What can El Salvador’s leading political parties do to bolster the confidence of the nation’s disgruntled voters?

  4. What can the government of Sri Lanka do to calm violence between Buddhists and Muslims?

  5. What must Botswana’s next president do to ensure continued economic growth for the country?

  6. What will be the consequences of increasing public debt among African nations?

  7. How can Great Britain protect itself against future Russian poisoning acts on its soil?

  8. What concessions would be required to get the Taliban into peace talks with Afghanistan and its allies?

  9. Why has the United States failed to protect Syrian Kurds against Turkey?

  10. What steps can rival Somali factions take to minimize violent conflict among clans?

  11. What must rival factions do to bring about a restoration of Northern Ireland’s devolved government?

  12. Should Mexico withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)?