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Betty Wroubel: National Girls Volleyball Coach of the Year (2017-18)

By Hannah Wishart on April 23, 2019 coaches Print

The NFHS is proud to name Betty Wroubel of Notre Dame Preparatory School in Pontiac, Michigan as the 2017-18 Girls Volleyball Coach of the Year!

Coach Betty Wroubel has a particular goal for her volleyball program. She strives "to prepare [her players] to handle disappointment, failure, adversity and stress in a healthy manner and success with a humble heart." This approach to her program is just one of the many reasons that Coach Wroubel has such a strong, successful program at Notre Dame Preparatory Academy in Pontiac, Michigan. Her coaching style, personal convictions and values make the NFHS proud to name her 2017-18 NATIONAL Coach of the Year! Congratulations Coach Wroubel!

Name: Betty Wroubel

School: Notre Dame Preparatory School, Pontiac, Michigan

2017-18 Win/Loss: 64-2 | State Championships: 3

Coaching Highlights: MIVCA Coach of the Year 2007, 2013, 2014, 2017; AVCA National Coach of the Year 2007; NAAPS National Coach of the Year 2018; AVCA 'Victory Club' 1400th win 2017; MHSCA State Volleyball Coach of the Year 2013

Hall of Fame Honors: MIVCA Hall of Fame 2014, MHSCA Hall of Fame 2014, CHSL Hall of Fame 1990

Coached the first team (in any class) from Oakland County to win a state title (2007)

MHSAA "Women in Sport Leadership” state award (2016), MHSAA Al Bush award (2010-11) for noteworthy support and commitment to the MHSAA and interscholastic athletics

Philosophy of Athletics

Coach Wroubel's philosophy of athletics has changed considerably since she started coaching and has continued to change throughout her career. She believes that athletics provide a powerful vehicle to teach and prepare student athletes not only in sport, but more importantly in life. Her responsibility has never been solely to teach players to play and love the sport of volleyball, but rather to pursue their passion for something they love and how to grow as young, strong females today. To prepare them to handle disappointment, failure, adversity and stress in a healthy manner and success with a humble heart. She believes that as important as it is to help the players develop their game skills, it is far more important to help them in their personal growth journey and to create a team-oriented culture in a world that is all about “me.”

While she is a firm believer in working on the fundamentals of the game, development and dedication to our program, team, and individual selves is equally important. Her goal is not just to prepare these women for success on the court, but to teach them what it takes to work through failure, to communicate, collaborate, and possess a work ethic unlike most individuals their age. She wants them to be strong young women who feel confident to pursue their dreams, who are mentally prepared to persevere and who have the strength to stand up for themselves when the situation demands it.

The culture of her teams can be described as responsible, eager, hardworking, humble and loyal, and for athletes to walk away from the program with a commitment to be the best version of themselves in every aspect of their lives and not just the sports they play.

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