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Montana Study: Concussion Education Needs Consistent Voice

By NFHS on January 27, 2016 state news Print

An ongoing study from the University of Montana on concussions indicates that parents, athletes and coaches recognize the importance of education and awareness. And, while there is no shortage of information and programs aimed at promoting concussion awareness, several professionals agree that educators and governing bodies should be consistent in their messages about concussions.

It's a goal shared by the NFHS, which has had consistent language regarding concussions in its rules books for several years. Consistency has also been a driving force as the NFHS and USA Football work to support each other's programs, mainly the free online NFHS Concussion Course and USA Football's Heads Up Football program.

Recent studies have showed that both programs have been effective in increasing knowledge of concussion management while decreasing head injuries on the field.

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