NFHS Adds Gipper as New Corporate Partner

By NFHS on December 07, 2021 nfhs news Print

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has entered into a new corporate partnership with Gipper, the leading social media graphics solution platform for K-12 schools in the United States.

Gipper enables schools to create professional graphics for social media – quickly and without needing any design experience. Gipper has a longstanding history of working with athletic administrators, coaches, school communications professionals and principals to assist with schools’ social media efforts.

High schools that have been involved with Gipper have been able to better grow their brand, improve stakeholder communication and create additional revenue opportunities.

“We are excited to welcome Gipper as a new NFHS corporate partner,” said Dr. Karissa Niehoff, NFHS executive director. “Gipper has an established history of working with schools and helping those schools establish their own brands. Social media is an important function of everyone involved in high school sports, and we look forward to joining with Gipper to benefit high schools across the country.”

 The agreement with Gipper includes designations as an “Official NFHS Corporate Partner” and the “Preferred Social Media Graphics Solution Partner of the NFHS.” It also includes opportunities to place advertisements in NFHS printed and electronic communications.

"We are beyond thrilled to sign this partnership with the NFHS and become the federation’s preferred social media graphics solution. Our team is excited to work with the NFHS to expand our reach as the leading social media graphics solution platform in the K-12 industry,” said Matthew Glick, Founder & CEO of Gipper. “Social media is quickly becoming the most critical branding and communication channel for schools and athletic teams - and an incredibly exciting sponsorship revenue generating opportunity. Unfortunately, schools and teams too often lack the time and resources to keep up with social media and, as such, are falling behind - leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Our partnership with the NFHS will bring more schools to Gipper, helping ADs save time, while creating professional sports graphics to better grow their program’s brand, promote their student-athletes, engage stakeholders, and drive revenue. We look forward to a great relationship with the NFHS and their members!”

To learn more about Gipper, visit their website at or book a 15-minute virtual demo with their team here: