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NFHS Learning Center Offers New Course on Theater Safety

By NFHS on May 06, 2021 nfhs news Print

To help provide a safe environment for all high school theatre participants, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has announced a new free course – “Theater Safety” – is now available on the online NFHS Learning Center.

“We are pleased to offer this valuable online course to the theatre community,” said Dan Schuster, NFHS director of educational services. “We know it will assist interscholastic theatre programs and prioritize the health and safety of student participants.”

Produced through a partnership with the Educational Theatre Association, “Theater Safety” is designed to alert students and instructors of the potentially dangerous situations involved with high school theatre and to supply them with sound practices for minimizing risk.

In its opening section on awareness, the course covers the physical safety concerns related to harnesses, electrical boxes, dance floors, ghost lights, personal effects and other equipment, as well as risks associated with lifting heavy objects and utilizing animals on stage. Other important topics including proper calling dialogue, facility management, emergency action planning and notifying the audience of pertinent information.

Additional course chapters provide comprehensive reviews of set construction, rigging, lighting and stage maintenance; costumes; makeup and hair; the safe usage of pits and trap doors; chemicals; and flames, lasers and explosions.

“We are very excited about the launch of the “Theater Safety” course on the NFHS Learning Center,” said Dr. James Weaver, NFHS director of performing arts and sports. “This will be a great resource not only for those involved with theatre, but anyone who uses the theater on a regular basis. The safety tips and guidelines will be beneficial in helping student participants enjoy the performing arts activities they love.”

For more information and to access “Theater Safety,” please visit: https://nfhslearn.com/courses/theater-safety.