Greg Dale
Gregory A. Dale, Ph.D., is a Professor of Sport Psychology and Sport Ethics at Duke University. He is also the director of Sport Psychology and Leadership Programs for Duke Athletics. In addition to his work with Duke athletes and coaches, Greg consults with numerous college and professional athletes and teams. He also provides leadership training, executive coaching and team-building services for organizations and corporations around the world including IBM, VF Corporation, COACH, The World Bank, Airports Council International, Habitat for Humanity International, Pfizer, Northwestern Mutual and Skanska International. Greg has written four books and has written scripts and served as the “expert” on a series of 13 videos related to leadership and performance. Greg has been featured on Good Morning America, ESPN, MSNBC and Court TV.

Deb Hult
Deb Hult, co-founder of Core Trainings, is a nationally recognized presenter in Relational and Motivational Leadership. With her contagious, positive, intuitive and authentic attitude, Deb has been enhancing and empowering thousands of adults and students in schools across the country for the past eight years. As a trainer and speaker, Deb takes the lead with dynamic hands-on workshops such as “Leadership for Ladies,” “Student to Student” mentoring programs, administrative team training, civility training, leadership academies and camps at middle schools, high schools, administration offices and colleges. In addition to the various workshops and seminars, Deb is contracted regularly with many schools in several states to monitor and coach programs that she has successfully implemented on various campuses. Deb was a three-sport athlete in high school and furthered her education in business at Burdett School in Boston, Massachusetts.

Omari Pearson
Omari Pearson is quickly becoming a sought-after leader in education-driven life skills and development. As an author, speaker, facilitator, mentor and consultant to high schools, colleges, universities, and multi-national corporations, he seeks to provide hands-on experiences with young people to assist them in creating a road map to success. He is the president and founder of Passion To Purpose, LLC, an education-based life skills company equipping young people with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to empower them to be effective, accountable and productive members of the global society. Omari shares his life experiences as a high school, college and professional athlete.

Julie Carrier
Julie Carrier is recognized as the "#1 Coach for Young Women" in the World” by Marshall Goldsmith and the Leading Global Coaches Awards. She is also a global authority on authentic confidence and leadership development for women, young women and girls, and is the author of the award-winning book on mind/body/self-esteem, BeYOUtiful, as well as the No. 1 national bestseller, Girls Lead. As the CEO of Girls Lead Worldwide, Julie is leading a movement to “empower those who empower girls and empower girls to empower each other” and supports the world’s leading girls’ schools and girl-serving organizations. A former Senior Management Consultant in Leadership Development for the Pentagon, Julie specializes in applied neuroscience in leadership education—a powerful framework she leverages to support girl-serving organizations and girls’ schools through innovative and neuroscience-based leadership keynotes, seminars, curricula, and best-practice program consulting.

Deanna Singh
Deanna Singh is an accomplished author, educator, business leader, and champion for marginalized communities. As the Founder/Chief Change Agent of Flying Elephant, Deanna consults with individuals and companies that are looking to make a positive difference in the world. She is known for giving clients the tools and courage to imagine, activate, and impact the world as agents of change. She has established and operated multiple social innovations, including the NYC office of LIFT which helps people find a way out of poverty for good; Milwaukee's Street Law Program, an interactive legal program that has taught over a thousand1,000 Milwaukee students basic legal knowledge; and Birth Coach Milwaukee, which provides doula services for women who otherwise could not afford them.

Ivy Watts
Ivy Watts is dedicated to promoting mental wellness and reducing stigma around mental illness by sharing her story through her public speaking program, Ivy Watts Speaks, and her blog, Beautifully Simply You. Ivy empowers others to speak their truths, know they are not alone, learn the beauty of self-love and find the strength to keep fighting for their tomorrows. Ivy has spoken to and empowered more than 10,000 students, parents and administrators across the country. In addition to speaking and blogging, Ivy has recently developed an all-in-one mental health platform, Athlete Minds Matter, designed for student-athletes to develop their mental wellness toolkit for success on and off the field. Ivy is passionate about using her perspective as a Black former student-athlete to help break the stigma around mental health for people everywhere.

Elizabeth Price
My name is Elizabeth! I’m a graduate of Carmel High School and will be attending Elon University in the fall of 2021! I have been actively involved in Unified Sports for the past four years including flag football, bocce, bowling and track and field. For the past two years I have served as captain of the Unified Flag Football and Unified Track team and president of my schools Unified Champion School committee. In addition to my involvement in Unified activities at my high school, during the summer of 2019 I was an intern at Special Olympics Indiana. My Unified Partner Liam and I have traveled around the country sharing the importance of inclusion with students in grades K-12. We also attended Capitol Hill day and spoke with Indiana's Congressional Members about the importance of Special Olympics. I have loved every opportunity I have gotten as a US Youth Ambassador and plan to continue to spread inclusion next year at Elon University!

Liam Price
Hello, my name is Liam! I am a freshman at the University of Indianapolis. I am on my school’s swim team, and I have played Unified Basketball, Unified Track, and participated in Special Olympics Johnson County Indiana. I am a leader because of how hard I try and persevere with my abilities. It will be a lifelong challenge that I will face for probably the rest of my life, even if I lived to be 742 years old! During my freshman year of high school, I finally got to experience competing for my school by doing Unified track and field, and a lot of my friends got involved with me. Since then, I’ve gotten more involved with Unified activities (sports and games) and grown from them. Elizabeth and I hope that others will follow our steps and join in on Unified Champion activities and sports!

Charlie Frasor
Charlie Frasor has been in finance for 10 years; serving the last five as a branch manager/AVP for Regions bank in the Indianapolis market. He is a member of the Regions “Elite Next Step” team which focuses on financial education for businesses, and their employees. His passion is speaking to groups of individuals, from high school students to Marion County Superior Court employees, on how to uncover their own financial goals and the path to achieving them.

Brittany Miller
Brittany Miller is a branch manager of Regions Bank in Indianapolis Indiana, and has been in banking for more than nine years. She is one of three leaders of Regions D.E.I. subcommittee (Inclusion & Belonging for Indiana). Miller is focused on providing financial education for individuals within the communities she serves. She is especially passionate about helping students uncover and reach their financial goals.

Barry Houser
Barry L. Houser is Associate Director of Bands, Director of the Marching Illini, Director of the Fighting Illini Athletic Bands, and Clinical Associate Professor in the School of Music at the University of Illinois. His responsibilities include conducting a variety of concert ensembles, the overall administration of the Athletic Bands consisting of the Volleyball Band, the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Bands, and serving as the Director of the Nation’s Premiere College Marching Band – the 375- member Marching Illini. He teaches undergraduate courses in instrumental conducting, marching band procedures and other courses within the School of Music. Professor Houser’s teaching experience encompasses both extensive public school and university experiences.