Running a High School Golf Meeting

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From the NHSGA:

High school golf coaches come from a variety of different backgrounds and experience levels of coaching. One of the most important meetings that a coach will have all year is a pre-season meeting before a practice or match happens. Let’s take a look at some good goals and action items for any coach to have to get the most out of their players.

Understanding the Rules of Golf changes

High school golf coaches noted in our annual coaches survey that the changes to the Rules of Golf are an important topic to their teams. A great resource to utilize would be through the USGA and their curriculum on the rules changes. Do keep in mind that USGA members can receive a free copy of the Rules of Golf for all their team members!

Setting standards on qualifying

High school golf teams can range from a couple of players to more than ten. It is important to set the understanding and expectation of how a player can make the traveling team for a tournament. Is it a form of coach selection, qualifying rounds or maybe a combination of both? The more cut and dry you can make the standards, less confusion will come from it and lead to better team morale.

Goals – personal and team goals for the season

A simple suggestion would be to create a survey for your players – this could be digital such as SurveyMonkey or just a simple handout. Specifically, ask your players what their goals are for the season and what parts of their game that they want to improve the most? This will be helpful throughout the season for you to make the most of your individual time with each player ensuring they are getting the most out of your time.

Team goals need to be understood and a plan put in place – is that winning conference, advancing to regionals or maybe even the state finals? Putting a plan in place for your goals will keep your practices and players organized each day they show up at the course.

Fundraising goals and methods

High school golf coaches continue to communicate to us that lack of funding for their teams is a major issue. We are pleased to provide some simple ideas and suggestions of fundraising ideas that high school golf teams can explore to raise needed funds for travel and tournament expenses.

Code of conduct for team members

Setting standards for your players during the first meeting is essential. Discuss items from the expectation on the dress on trips, to team uniforms and the inclusion of all players on the team. It would be important to discuss consequences for players missing class, not making grades or even skipping practices. 

Hopefully, some of these above ideas will help make a great pre-season golf meeting and set the team up for a successful season! Additional questions? Email me at and I would be happy to provide other ideas and insight.