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Softball Rules Committee Welcomes New Members

By NFHS on March 09, 2016 softball article Print

NFHS rules-writing committees consist of experts in a given sport, and each committee member is nominated by state associations, as is the chairperson who guides the members through their work. Each committee member represents one of the eight sections as divided by the NFHS Bylaws. To allow for equal representation, there are also members of the NFHS Coaches Association and the NFHS Officials Association on the committee. Each committee member serves a four-year term.

The NFHS welcomes two new members to the committee, Tracie Henry and Kathleen Burns.

Kathleen Burns, Section 8

Kathleen started umpiring ASA softball in 1974. At that time most of the softball was modified fast pitch. She was selected to work her first ASA Men’s Modified National in 1977.  She has since umpired 11 other ASA Nationals, which included men’s modified, women’s modified, women’s fast pitch, youth slow pitch and women’s slow pitch. She is in the ASA National Indicator Fraternity and an inductee in the Spokane Softball Hall of Fame. She has held positions on the local umpire association board and participated in training of new umpires and mentoring younger umpires. Kathleen has also received an award for Umpire of the Year from the association and was the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association Official of the Year. She has been umpire in chief for state high school tournaments for the past 10 years. Kathleen also officiated high school volleyball for 25 years.

Tracie Henry, Section 4

Tracie has worked in the Illinois High School Association office for six years, and has been the administrator responsible for softball for three years.  Prior to joining the association, Tracie worked as the Director of Events and Game Operations for Illinois State University (ISU). During her time at ISU she provided onsite event management for the Redbird softball team from 2004 to 2008 and served as the tournament director for the 2007 Missouri Valley Conference Softball Championship. Tracie administers Competitive Dance, Boys and Girls Gymnastics and works with sanctioning at the Illinois High School Association.

Duane Morgan, Section 7

Duane has been working in the California interscholastic/Central Coast Section office for the past 8 years as the assistant commissioner and has taken on the role of the Commissioner beginning this year. The CCS governs 151 high schools, 75,000 student-athletes, 10,000 coaches, spreading over a geographical area from San Francisco to King City, measuring almost 150 miles, from tip to tip. Prior to joining the CCS Office, Duane was in the public school system for 29 years as a teacher, coach and administrator at various high schools in the Santa Clara Valley area.  During that time he played, coached and umpired fast pitch softball for almost 20 of those years and is currently umpiring softball, when time allows for such enjoyments.  Duane still officiates wrestling and has worked 19 State Championships as an official. He also has been on the NFHS Wrestling Rules Committee and is currently the California Interscholastic Federation rules interpreter for wrestling.