Student-athlete Tip of the Week - 3/21/16

By Billy Shepherd Sports, Inc. on March 21, 2016 blog Print

While the goal of most team members participating in a team sport is to win the state championship, there's absolutely other ways to feel good about your team and yourself if you fall short.

At the end of a season, only one team is left standing. That doesn't make your team a loser. A coach in this year's NCAA basketball tournament said that many times you work hard and nothing comes of it, but this time it did. He felt good for his players because they never quit, even when they were 10-19.

Yes, his team, Holy Cross won a conference tournament and a play-in game to advance, but they won't win it all. Next time you fall short, look back at some of the accomplishments your team made along the way. Sometimes a conference championship or beating a long time rival will serve you well and can be quite an accomplishment!