Presentation Materials

45th National Athletic Directors Conference & Exhibit Show

December 12-16, 2014


  1. Strategies to Help Coaches Deal with Parents
  2. Phone Apps to Assist the Athletic Administrator
  3. Pre-Season Meetings with Parents, Students & Coaches
  4. Balancing Life as an Athletic Administrator
  5. Developing a Strategic Plan for Your Program
  6. Proper Crowd Supervision – Home and Away
  7. NCAA Eligibility Center – Most Recent Eligibility Changes for Divisions I and II
  8. FORUM – Athletic Administrators at Rural Schools Under 300 Enrollment
  9. REPEAT: Strategies to Help Coaches Deal with Parents
  10. Being an Inspirational Leader
  11. Using Your Website to Promote Your Program
  12. Key Components When Developing a Code of Conduct
  13. Identificaiton of Potential Safety & Security Concerns
  14. Developing an Athletic Department Mission Statement
  15. Title IX Basics – What You Must Know and Practice
  16. FORUM – Urban Athletic Administrators
  17. REPEAT: Being an Inspirational Leader
  18. Parent Expectations and Reality
  19. Post-Season Meetings with Coaches
  20. Twitter – Useful Ways to Incorporate This Social Media
  21. Risk Assessment, Vulnerability and Planning for After-School Functions
  22. Stress Management
  23. Athletics for All – Sports Organizations for Athletes with Disabilities
  24. REPEAT: Parent Expectations and Reality
  25. Coaching Evaluation Process
  26. Elements of Coaching Staff Professional Development
  27. Creating a Social Media Policy
  28. Starting and Maintaining a Hall of Fame
  29. Building Positive Relationships with Booster Clubs
  30. 911 Medical Emergency Action Plan & Response Team
  31. FORUM – Activity Directors/Assistant Principals
  32. REPEAT: Coaching Evaluation Process
  33. Sports Law Year-in-Review
  34. Handling Multiple Administrative Assignments
  35. Coordination Between Middle and High School Athletic Programs
  36. Communication Expectations between Non-Faculty Coaches and the School
  37. Leadership Expectations of Team Captains
  38. Planning for Retirement after an Athletic Administration Career
  39. FORUM – Female Athletic Administrators
  40. REPEAT: Sports Law Year-in-Review
  41. Preparing the Less Experienced Coach to Assume a Head Coach Position
  42. Conducting Effective Coach Interviews
  43. Promoting Sportsmanship
  44. Building Partnerships Between Interscholastic Sports and Youth Programs
  45. Coaching Character That Lasts a Lifetime
  46. Specialization Related to Out-Of-Season Coach-Athlete Contacts
  47. FORUM – Non-Public School Athletic Administrators
  48. FORUM – Middle School Athletic Administrators

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