Presentation Materials

48th National Athletic Directors Conference & Exhibit Show

December 8-12, 2017


  1. AD’s of Schools Under 500 Enrollment - FORUM
  2. Advantages of Encouraging and Rewarding Multi-Sport Participation
  3. Balancing Long Hours and Personal Time
  4. Best Safety Practices for After-School Programs
  5. Conducting Coach Evaluations the Right Way
  6. Conflict Resolution for Coaches – Managing Parent and Team Struggles
  7. Conquering Paper Shuffling with Google Docs
  8. Developing an Improvement Plan for Your Coaching Staff
  9. Emphasizing the Importance of Citizenship and Sportsmanship
  10. Foundations of an Education-Based Athletic Philosophy
  11. Grow Your Coaches Through Professional Development
  12. How to Improve Parent Behavior at Your Events
  13. Is Your Role More Leadership or Management
  14. LTC 799 and the Quality Program Award – A Simplified Process
  15. Mental Toughness and Resiliency in Today’s Athletes
  16. Middle School & Junior High Athletic Directors - FORUM
  17. Most Recent Information from the NCAA Eligibility Center
  18. Neutralizing Threats to the Athletic Budget
  19. Orientation for Training of Non-Teaching Coaches
  20. Programs for Developing Captains and Building Leaders
  21. Promote and Market Your Athletic Program
  22. Recognizing the Signs of Hazing and Bullying
  23. Scheduling Philosophy and Strategies
  24. Social Media Do’s and Don’ts
  25. Sports Medicine – NFHS Essentials Initiative
  26. Steps Toward Title IX Compliancy and Equity
  27. Strategies for Successfully Dealing with Difficult Personalities
  28. The Impact of Positive Coaching
  29. Time-Saving Techniques for the Athletic Administrator
  30. Tips for Having Difficult Conversations
  31. Transgender and Athlete Inclusion Policies
  32. Why the Shortage – How the Athletic Administrator Can Help Recruit Officials
  33. You Can Have a Paperless Office

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