Presentation Materials

49th National Athletic Directors Conference & Exhibit Show

December 14-18, 2018


  1. Approaches for Motivating Coaches and Athletes
  2. Apps that Make Your Athletic Life Simpler
  3. Basics of Social Media for Athletic Programs
  4. Best Practices for After-School Safety
  5. Certification - What You Need to Know as an Athletic Administrator
  6. Coaches Understanding Their Role as Leaders
  7. Corrective Action Plans for Coaches
  8. Creating Character-Based Team Culture
  9. Creative Ideas to Enhance Coaches Meetings
  10. Developing a Selection Process for Hiring Coaches
  11. Developing Tough-Minded, Confident, Fearless Competitors
  12. Fresh Ideas for Recognizing Individual and Team Accomplishments
  13. Generating New Sources of Revenue
  14. Hot Topics in Sports Medicine
  15. Identifying and Assisting a Struggling Coach
  16. Increasing Student Participation and Retention
  17. Integrating Student Media in Athletic Department Productions
  18. Mentoring Coaches for Their Personal Growth
  19. Methods to Support Less Experienced Coaches
  20. Preparations for International School Athletic Team Travel
  21. Proactive Approach to Minimizing Negative Interaction of Fans Toward Officials
  22. Promoting Interscholastic Programs When Faced with Non-School Sport Opportunities
  23. Promoting Your Program Using Social Media
  24. Providing a Blueprint for Enhancing Student Team Leadership
  25. Purpose of Sport - Value of Education-Based Philosophy
  26. Risk Minimization in Athletics - Do You Know Your Legal Duties?
  27. Self-Care for the Busy Life of the Athletic Administrator
  28. So You Want to Discuss Playing Time?
  29. Strategies for Professional Development of Your Coaching Staff
  30. Successful Game Day Management
  31. Title IX Compliance and Equity
  32. Training Coaches for Excellence and Significance
  33. Understanding NCAA Eligibility
  34. What Parents Should Know About Education-Based Athletics
  35. When It's Necessary to Release a Coach - Proper Course of Action
  36. Why Encourage Multi-Sport Participation?

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