Presentation Materials

Summer Meeting

July 7-11, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee


  1. Performing Arts Discussion Forum
  2. Golf Discussion Forum
  3. Tennis Discussion Forum
  4. Sports Medicine Discussion Forum
  5. Introduction to Robotics as a State Championship Activity
  6. Effective Communication through Social Networking
  7. Writing New Regulations for a Changing Society
  8. Board Members Roundtable
  9. Executive Directors Roundtable
  10. Associate/Assistant Directors Roundtable
  11. Marketing Roundtable
  12. Technology Roundtable
  13. Field Hockey Discussion Forum
  14. Volleyball Discussion Forum
  15. Soccer Discussion Forum
  16. Creating an Emergency Action Plan for Catastrophic Sports Injuries: Guidelines for States and Schools
  17. Effective Use of Apps on Mobile Phones and Tablet Computers
  18. Creative and Effective Sportsmanship Programs
  19. Basketball Discussion Forum
  20. Wrestling Discussion Forum
  21. Ice Hockey Discussion Forum
  22. Swimming & Diving Discussion Forum
  23. Disqualification / Penalty Process for Performing Arts Activities
  24. Paralympics Sport: The Role of High School Sport Programs in Athlete and Coach Recruitment, Inclusion and Retention
  25. Technology Committee Roundtable (Open Session)
  26. Baseball Discussion Forum
  27. Lacrosse Discussion Forum
  28. Softball Discussion Forum
  29. Track & Field / Cross Country Discussion Forum
  30. The Role of the Board within the State Association
  31. Video Streaming of State Tournaments
  32. Technology Workshop
  33. Performing Arts Discussion Forum
  34. Football Discussion Forum
  35. STUNT: Implementation of a New Competitive Team Sport
  36. State Tournament Administration from Beginning to End
  37. Summer Participation Issues
  38. Bowling Discussion Forum
  39. Officials Discussion Forum
  40. Spirit Discussion Forum
  41. Marketing Discussion Forum
  42. Brick & Mortar vs. Virtual Schools
  43. Crowd Control: When Your Plans Don't Work, What Do You Do?