Presentation Materials

Summer Meeting

June 23-27, 2013 in Denver, Colorado


  1. Performing Arts Discussion Forum
  2. Golf Discussion Forum
  3. Arbiter-What's on the Drawing Board: New Developments; Tell me Your Needs
  4. Core Values - The Future of Education-Based Athletics
  5. What Do You Do With Your Followers on Twitter and Facebook?
  6. Ideas That Work: Solutions to Persistent Problems
  7. Tennis Discussion Forum
  8. Soccer Discussion Forum
  9. Communicating with Officials… Making the Trip from Group to Team
  10. Role of the Board: Conducting Appeal and Policy Making
  11. Board Members Roundtable
  12. Executive Directors Roundtable
  13. Assistant/Associate Directors Roundtable
  14. Marketing Roundtable
  15. Technology Roundtable
  16. Basketball Discussion Forum
  17. Wrestling Discussion Forum
  18. Ice Hockey Discussion Forum
  19. NFHS Web Site and Internet Services Update
  20. The Office of Civil Rights: Guidance for Students with Disabilities in Extracurricular Activities
  21. Implementing New Sports and Activities
  22. Baseball Discussion Forum
  23. Lacrosse Discussion Forum
  24. Track & Field / Cross Country Discussion Forum
  25. The State of Technology Report
  26. Reasonable Accommodations and Inclusion of Students with Disabilities
  27. Dealing with Parents and Elite Athletes: The Scholarship Myth
  28. Performing Arts Discussion Forum
  29. Volleyball Discussion Forum
  30. Football Discussion Forum
  31. Revenue Sharing and Expense Reimbursement to Member Schools
  32. Field Hockey Discussion Forum
  33. Bowling Discussion Forum
  34. Officials Discussion Forum
  35. Sports Medicine Discussion Form
  36. Policies for Determining Appropriate Literature for Performing Arts Activities
  37. Using Tablets in the Office and on the Road
  38. Spirit Discussion Forum
  39. Swimming Discussion Forum
  40. Softball Discussion Forum
  41. Heat Acclimatization and Heat Illness Prevention
  42. Sportsmanship: A Community-Wide Approach