Presentation Materials

Summer Meeting

June 28 - July 2, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts


  1. Basketball Discussion Forum
  2. Wrestling Discussion Forum
  3. Ice Hockey Discussion Forum
  4. Why We Play: The Purpose of Education-based Athletics
  5. Best Practices of Legislative Relations
  6. Officials Discussion Forum
  7. Soccer Discussion Forum
  8. Technology Discussion Forum
  9. Amateurism Panel: Is Our Course Changing?
  10. Game Day: Components of a Successful Cheer/Spirit Program
  11. Social Media and Your State Association: Building and Developing Relationships
  12. Board Members Roundtable
  13. Executive Directors Roundtable
  14. Assistant/Associate Directors Roundtable
  15. Marketing Roundtable
  16. Technology Roundtable
  17. Finance Directors Roundtable
  18. Performing Arts Discussion Forum
  19. Golf Discussion Forum
  20. Field Hockey Discussion Forum
  21. Leadership and Sportsmanship: The Game Changers
  22. Effective Leadership for State Office Directors of Officials
  23. Values and Benefits of Middle School Interscholastic
  24. Baseball Discussion Forum
  25. Lacrosse Discussion Forum
  26. Track & Field/Cross Country Discussion Forum
  27. The Role of the Board in Marketing/Fund Raising/Endowment/Foundation Initiatives
  28. Single vs. Multiple Final Sites for State Championships
  29. Promoting the Positive Academic Impact of Participation in Activities
  30. Bowling Discussion Forum
  31. Volleyball Discussion Forum
  32. Football Discussion Forum
  33. Inclusion of Participation Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
  34. Recruiting Female, Young and Minority Officials
  35. Interstate Adjudication
  36. Performing Arts Discussion Forum
  37. Tennis Discussion Forum
  38. Sports Medicine Discussion Forum
  39. Coaching Coaches: Eliminating Inappropriate Comments and Innuendo From Coaching
  40. Developing a Transgender Policy for Student Eligibility
  41. Spirit Discussion Forum
  42. Swimming Discussion Forum
  43. Softball Discussion Forum
  44. Sudden Cardiac Death
  45. Understanding and Tracking Your Budget: A Model for Board and State Association Staff