Presentation Materials

2015 Summer Meeting


  1. 20th Century Rules to Deal with 21st Century Issues?
  2. Addressing Interpersonal Violence – Athletics’ Role in Support of Health & Safety
  3. Administrators and Boards Make a Difference/Leadership
  4. Administrators and Boards Make a Difference/Lessons for a Lifetime – Part 2 of 2
  5. Anyone Can Save a Life: Program Overview for Member State Associations
  6. Challenges Facing Transfer Rules
  7. Club Sports & Interscholastic Programs – Can They Coexist?
  8. Collaborative Efforts with Not-for-Profit Charities
  9. Conducting Efficient & Effective Appeals
  10. Digital Platforms to Promote Education-Based Athletics
  11. Education-Based Sports & Activities, It’s Not Just for Entertainment
  12. Emerging Sports and Activities – How to Prepare for the Next Generation
  13. Female Administrators & Female Officials – Issues Facing Under-represented Genders
  14. How Executive Directors & Boards Can Enjoy the Ride, Together
  15. How to be the “Crew Chief” in Your Association – Officiating Leadership
  16. Inclusion: Making the Move… Sideline to Game Time
  17. Investigations & Enforcement – How to Structure Compliance Initiatives
  18. Legislative Interventions and Working with State Governments
  19. Making Awards Presentations Spectacular
  20. Novice State Administrators – “What I Needed to Know to Survive Those First Years”
  21. Positive Coaching: Bringing It Into Your State
  22. Public/Private Classification Dilemmas & Solutions
  23. Spirit Championships, Ideas that Work
  24. Strategies to Handle Difficult Conversations
  25. Successful Staff Retreats
  26. Successfully Engaging NASSP with Interscholastic Athletics & Activities
  27. The “Fine Art” of Publicizing and Marketing Activities
  28. There’s an App for That… Model Technology and Apps to Assist Administrators
  29. Unified Sports & Activities – Ease of Incorporation

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