1. September 2020 Extemp Topics

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September 2020



1. Was Kamala Harris the best choice for Joe Biden’s nominee for Vice President?

2. Will President Trump give up the presidency if he loses the election in November?

3. Does the decision of the Postmaster General to back down on cuts to the USPS ensure
that mail-in balloting will go smoothly this fall?

4. Is it time for the United States Postal Service to be privatized?

5. Should the Centers for Disease Control be independent of political appointments or

6. Will the movement to “defund police” result in policing reforms?

7. Has so-called “Cancel Culture” done more harm than good?

8. Was President Trump wrong to pull the United States out of the World Health

9. Would the President’s proposed ban on Tik-Tok protect the security of the United

10. Will New York’s Attorney General succeed in breaking-up the NRA?

11. Can Ellen Degeneres save her reputation and popular talk show from accusations of a
hostile work environment?

12. Does President Trump have the authority to unilaterally suspend the payroll tax?

13. Will the Black Lives Matter movement’s momentum be sustained in the months to come?



1. What must the Democratic Party do to combat attempts at voter suppression?

2. How likely is the United States to have a widely available vaccine for COVID-19 by the start of 2021?

3. Will the United States emerge from the COVID-19 crisis better prepared for the next pandemic it encounters?

4. What must the United States do to bring about a rapid economic recovery?

5. How will the candidacy of Donald Trump impact the down-ballot performance of Republicans in November?

6. What kind of role will President Obama play in the 2020 elections?

7. What kinds of businesses are doing best during the COVID-19 pandemic?

8. How will this year’s work from home experience change the way America does business?

9. How likely is America to face a “twindemic” of flu and COVID-19 this fall and winter?

10. How will the reduction in the value of unemployment checks impact the American economy?

11. How will the COVID-19 pandemic impact the supply of qualified teachers in the United States?

12. What must social movement leaders do to translate the pain caused by police violence into systemic reform of policing?




1. Has Sweden’s strategy for fighting COVID-19 been vindicated?

2. Will rising unrest in Belarus lead to the downfall of the country’s president?

3. Will the UAE’s decision to normalize relations with Israel kill prospects for a settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority?

4. Can Justin Trudeau survive his government’s latest ethics scandal?

5. Will the sale of more US fighter jets to Taiwan further inflame tensions with mainland China?

6. Will protesters overthrow Thailand’s monarchy?

7. Is Japan ready to discard its pacifism?

8. Will the release of Tailban prisoners by the Afghan government make it possible for peace talks to move forward?

9. Will the Turkish people accept the Erdogan government’s crackdown on social media?

10. Will scandalous revelations about ex-King Juan Carlos harm the Spanish monarchy?

11. Is once-tolerant Poland becoming a more intolerant nation?

12. Is Vladimir Putin losing his legitimacy?

13. Has the COVID-19 pandemic made the world more vulnerable to cybercrime?



1. What is the key to China’s success in suppressing the COVID-19 virus?

2. What accounts for the popularity of Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro?

3. How will the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE remake the landscape of Middle East relations?

4. How will the recent devastation in Beirut change Lebanese politics?

5. How will Mali’s military coup impact the stability of West Africa?

6. How will continued restrictions on liberties in Hong Kong impact the relationship between China and the United States?

7. How will China’s decision to tone-down its nationalist rhetoric impact China’s relationship with the United States?

8. How will North Korea’s decision to refuse foreign aid impact its recovery from devastating floods?

9. What role does Russian influence play in the politics of Belarus?

10. How will the expansion of parliamentary seats by the People’s Front impact the reshaping of Sri Lanka’s constitution?

11. What impact will the coming retirement of Angela Merkel have on the European Union?

12. How does the COVID-19 pandemic impact global security?