2. November 2018 Extemp Topics

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November 2018



  1. Is the new Congress more prone to impeach President Trump?

  2. Will the results of Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test help or hurt her future electoral prospects?

  3. Will continued revelations into Brett Kavanaugh’s past threaten his future on the Supreme Court?

  4. With the growing number of jurisdictions legalizing marijuana, is federal legalization soon to follow?

  5. Is insurance coverage for pre-existing medical conditions in jeopardy?

  6. Will President Trump seal the border with Mexico?

  7. Was the United States right to withdraw from the Universal Postal Union treaty?

  8. Can the federal Justice Department get to the bottom of Pennsylvania’s Catholic Church sex abuse scandal?

  9. Should the State of Georgia erase the confederate carving at Stone Mountain?

  10. Should pharmacists be allowed to refuse to dispense medications on religious grounds?

  11. Have the midterm elections affirmed the importance of women voters?

  12. Was the U.S. electoral system able to withstand foreign infiltration in the midterm elections?
  13. Can Congress be more bipartisan in the second half of President Trump’s first term?


  1. What is the likely motivation for Nikki Haley’s resignation as UN ambassador?

  2. What is responsible for the reported decline in U.S. life expectancy ratings?

  3. How will the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh impact the #MeToo movement?

  4. When will Robert Mueller bring an end to his probe?

  5. What explains the Trump administration’s continued reluctance to fire Rod Rosenstein?

  6. What can Ryan Zinke do to rehabilitate his image?

  7. What lessons can analysts draw from the midterm elections?

  8. What changes can we expect to the Trump cabinet in the wake of the midterm elections?

  9. How should the Supreme Court confirmation process be reformed?

  10. How can FEMA better prepare for major hurricanes?

  11. What does the demise of Sears say about the American retail industry?

  12. How will the removal of Elon Musk from the Chairmanship of Tesla impact the company?




  1. Can Saudi Arabia restore its international reputation after the killing of Jamal Khashoggi?

  2. Are the Taliban making significant gains against the Afghan government?

  3. Has China solidified its control over the South China Sea?

  4. Will Great Britain get an “extension” on Brexit negotiations?

  5. Should NATO fear the buildup of Russian facilities in Kaliningrad?

  6. Is Germany’s “Grand Coalition” going to collapse?

  7. Can Fernando Haddad capture Brazil’s presidency?

  8. Is the #MeToo Movement gaining ground in India?

  9. Can the United States and China avoid an accidental military clash?

  10. Can the Middle East Strategic Alliance maintain unity?

  11. Does Russia’s upgrade to Syrian air defenses threaten Israel’s security?

  12. Is Iran’s government more or less secure than it was a year ago?




  1. How will the Trump administration’s merger of the U.S. mission to the Palestinians and the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem impact the regional peace process?

  2. How should the world community respond to China’s use of internment camps to suppress its Uighur population?

  3. What can Latin American nations do to better deal with Venezuelan refugees?
  4. What can Pakistan do to persuade the IMF to provide the country with a large loan?

  5. What can the world community do to deter Bangladesh’s move toward authoritarianism?
  6. What should the government of Zimbabwe do to stop hyperinflation?

  7. What steps must be taken to maintain peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea?

  8. Why did the Christian Social Union lose elections in Bavaria?

  9. What steps can European nations take to bring an end to the war in Eastern Ukraine?

  10. Has Spain’s Catalan separatist movement lost its steam?

  11. What must the Scottish National Party do to get another Brexit referendum?

  12. What must the Saudi royal family do to maintain world trade ties amidst the Khashoggi murder scandal?

  13. Why are Central American migrants heading north to the United States?