3. December 2017 Extemp Topics

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December 2017




  1. Should America’s large tech firms face greater regulatory scrutiny by the federal government?
  2. Are Congressional investigations helping or hurting special council Robert Muller’s independent inquiry into Russian meddling in the 2016 elections? 

  3. Should an independent counsel investigation into the Uranium One deal be launched?
  4. Has social media transformed American politics for good or for bad?

  5. Should federal regulators block CVS from buying Aetna Health?

  6. Will Paul Manafort serve jail time for the crimes with which he has been charged?

  7. Do plea bargains help or hurt the American justice system?

  8. Can the military men surrounding President Trump prevent rash decisions impacting national security?

  9. Should Congress expel members accused of sexual harassment or leave their fate to the decision of voters?

  10. Will the recent leak of oil from the Keystone Pipeline prompt the federal government to reconsider the Keystone XL expansion?

  11. Will recent scandals change the culture of Hollywood?

  12. Should media companies be allowed to own more than one TV station in a local media market?

  13. Will Republicans succeed in using a tax reform bill to roll-back Obamacare?




  1. How will the growing list of Congressional retirements impact the political alignment of Congress after 2018?

  2. How can the federal government best combat the opioid addiction epidemic?

  3. What compromises will the Republican congressional leadership need to make in order to pass tax reform?

  4. How would the proposed Republican tax reform bill impact middle income families?

  5. What is the most important insight to be gained from Democratic victories in Virginia?

  6. What more must the federal government do to aid Puerto Rico’s hurricane recovery?

  7. What accounts for the sudden increase in accusations of sexual harassment and assault leveled against public figures in the United States?

  8. What restrictions on gun rights might be able to pass Congress?

  9. What limitations should exist on the President’s ability to unilaterally deploy nuclear weapons?

  10. In light of accusations made by Donna Brazille, what changes should the Democratic National Committee make to restore confidence in its fairness?

  11. Amid speculation about a Republican primary challenge to President Trump in 2020, who represents the most viable internal challenger?

  12. Who would be the best replacement for Richard Cordray as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?





  1. Is Vladimir Putin a modern day Russian Tsar?

  2. Should Japan revise its pacifist constitution?

  3. Will Xi Jinping cling to leadership of China for life?

  4. Should Nigeria be worried about the rise of Biafran separatists?

  5. Is the Catalonian secessionist movement dead?

  6. Will Italy’s northern provinces succeed in getting greater autonomy from the central government?

  7. Is Xi Jingping’s leadership of China bad for private enterprise in that country?

  8. Did Saudi Arabia kidnap Lebanon’s Prime Minister and force his resignation?

  9. Will Columbia’s FARC be successful as a political party?

  10. Will South Koreans legalize abortion?

  11. Can Pakistan succeed in improving the people’s access to electricity?

  12. Will the warming relations between China and South Korea persist?



  1. What steps must Kenyan political leaders take to restore stability to that country’s democracy?

  2. How would a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border impact the Mexican economy?

  3. What steps must Israel’s leftist parties take to regain relevance?

  4. What must the United Nations do to become relevant in the fight to protect Myanmar’s Rohingya minority?

  5. What was the effect of President Trump’s Asia tour on regional security alliances?

  6. What steps can the Chinese government take to prevent the kidnapping of wives from abroad?

  7. In the wake of the recent military coup in Zimbabwe, what will be the fate of Robert Mugabe?

  8. As Syria’s civil war approaches its end what will become of the refugees scattered throughout the Middle East?

  9. What steps must Malaysia’s prime minister take to weather the present embezzlement scandal?

  10. What conditions should Sudan meet before being removed from the State Department’s list of nations that support terrorism?

  11. What steps should Bangladesh take to improve conditions for refugees within its borders?

  12. How can the EU further discourage separatist movements within member nations?

  13. Who is really in charge of Saudi Arabia’s government?