3. December 2018 Extemp Topics

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December 2018





  1. Will President Trump remove John Kelly as his Chief of Staff?

  2. Are claims that Melania Trump is exerting too much influence in the West Wing exaggerated?

  3. Was the interim Attorney General appointed constitutionally?

  4. Should the White House have the right to revoke the pass of a member of the White House Press Corp?

  5. Will Congress be able to pass meaningful legislation in the next two years?

  6. Will the US government move to distance itself from Saudi Arabia in light of recent revelations about the Crown Prince’s role in the killing of a Washington Post journalist?

  7. Can we expect a report from Robert Mueller on the Russia investigation during the next month?

  8. Should American retailers expect consumers to spend more during this holiday season?

  9. Should religious headdress be permitted in the halls of Congress?

  10. Is it responsible to use prisoners to fight wildfires?

  11. Are federal aid programs for farmers helping to lessen the impact of President Trump’s tariffs?

  12. Is there evidence of state-level voter suppression in the last election?

  13. Will Sen. Jeff Flake mount an internal party challenge for the 2020 Republican Presidential nomination?



  1. Who should succeed Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House?

  2. Who is the most probable nominee to be the permanent Attorney General of the United States?

  3. What are the likely causes of increased western wildfires in recent years?

  4. What steps can the President take to help curtail anti-Semitic activity in the United States?

  5. What will be the consequence of widespread parental refusal to get their children flu shots?

  6. Why has Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez become the object of so much public and media criticism in the wake of her historic run?

  7. Why does Florida continue to have trouble administering its elections?

  8. What steps must evangelical political activists take to energize their base for the 2020 elections?

  9. Who is currently the leading contender for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination?

  10. In the new Congress, which Republican will be the greatest thorn in Donald Trump’s side?
  11. How will the November state legislative races impact American politics in the coming decade?
  12. How will the increasing number of states legalizing marijuana impact the enforcement of federal drug laws?





  1. Is China out-performing the United States at capitalism?

  2. Will Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince survive the scandal rocking his government?
  3. Does Pakistan really do “nothing” for the United States, as President Trump asserts?

  4. Can Mexico handle the needs of the migrant caravan about to be stopped at the American border?

  5. Will Theresa May survive the conclusion of the Brexit negotiations as Britain’s Prime Minister?

  6. Should the UK hold a second referendum on Brexit?

  7. Should Greece remove clergy from its civil service?

  8. Is North Korea meeting its obligations to the United States?

  9. Will Imelda Marcos’ conviction for corruption in the Philippines bring any sense of justice to the victims of the Marcos regime?

  10. Will Canada succeed in enacting a broad-based ban on firearms?

  11. Is the Shi’a Islamic Movement in Nigeria a threat to the Nigerian government?

  12. Will the UN’s proposed peace plan bring stability to Libya?

  13. Will Spain derail Britain’s Brexit agreement with the EU over the issue of Gibraltar?




  1. What will be the consequences of strained Turkish-Saudi relations for Middle East stability?

  2. What steps must Israel’s prime minister take to ensure the long-term survival of his governing coalition?

  3. What steps must the world community take to further drive down the incidents of malaria?

  4. What can be done to bring about a ceasefire between Israel and militants in Gaza?
  5. Who will be Germany’s next Chancellor?

  6. How will the conviction of two former Khmer Rouge leaders of genocide and war crimes in Cambodia impact the healing of the nation?

  7. What steps should INTERPOL take to protect itself from accusations of political bias?

  8. How will the election of Brazil’s new President impact the country’s economy?

  9. What must Sri Lanka’s leaders do to bring the nation out of its constitutional crisis?

  10. What steps must Uzbekistan take to encourage the world community to lift its resistance toward purchasing Uzbek cotton?

  11. What steps can the Chinese government take to satisfy the concerns of protesting PLA veterans?

  12. How will warming relations between Israel and the Arab Persian Gulf states impact the Cold War between Iran and its Arab neighbors?